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As an UI designer, you are responsible for the look and feel of an application – web or mobile-based. For the application to work, the design should be simple, intuitive and fun; and accessible even to the least techno-savvy. You get to decide the layout, type hierarchy, colour palette and other visual elements that create an amazing, user-friendly interface.

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The demand for UI designers is an all-time high, thanks to rising need for innovative, well-designed interfaces that can delight the user and drive business the digital way.

Gaining experience in the field of UI design can be tricky due to the lack of conventional parameters for the job of a UI professional, but with consistent efforts one can rise up the experience ladder and land a highly-paid career in this highly creative field.

As a fresher, one can immediately try one of the following:

1. Freelancing: As a fresher, one of the most important, and perhaps the only asset you can start with is a great portfolio. Got an idea for an app or website? Design it. A strong portfolio helps you get the perfect job to start out with in this highly competitive field.

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You can try out temporary freelance assignments available on reputed sites online. They might not bring you much pay, but you get to build on your resume and get some real experience.

2. Startups: Being part of a start-ups is always the best learning experience, because you get to work in a small group and learn from talented designers and developers in a fast-paced environment.

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As you gain confidence with good work experience, the right connections and a rich portfolio to your backing, you can explore better prospects in top-companies where there is the dearth for experienced UI designers. Make sure to build a network for yourself, both on social media and through face-to-face interaction with experts in UI design. With the right exposure and experience, you can get yourself into the top player companies like Google, Amazon, Tesla and Apple.

The field of UI design is here to stay, because it is needed to create everything from mobile apps and websites to video games and virtual reality interface. It is a most stable and lucrative job one could ask for, plus you get to be creative and enjoy your work.

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