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You may have heard about SEO which is a fast-paced and active field in the digital world. Today, AIT is here before you to give an extensive idea about everything you need to know about SEO in the new year.

<>SEO course in Thrissur

SEO has an ever-changing environment, so you should not rely on old tactics to excel in the same. Outdated strategies will no longer work with the same impact as in past years.

This is why it is vital to stay informed and have to learn continuously.

SEO is going to be more complex than ever

It is more than mere creating links, building responsive content, and including a pack keywords to enhance your search rankings and improve the clarity of your business operations or company’s brand promotion.

What does then it includes?


You are required to maintain a track of and understand :

  1. Emerging trends in digital marketing or with the internet
  2. Changes in the algorithm
  3. Advancements in technology
  4. Your target audience

What you are really required to have is a thorough knowledge with the answers of these queries :
What people want when they search and why they want it.

The factors that have an impact on your SEO success

Technical: This includes everything that can affect the performance and visibility of your site, and how search engines examine your site. This includes some technical terms like indexing and crawling, schema, the speed of the page, the structure of the site, the structure of URL, and many more.

On-page: This includes your contents, what is visible to the end users on your webpage like text, images, video, or audio, as well as elements like HTML tags, structured data that are only able to be seen to search engines.

Off-page: This includes the elements that are not on your website. Generally, off-page contents are about enlarging and addressing your website’s relevance and building trust before the audience. It is concerned about building proper link, marketing social media, Pay Per Click marketing, reviews from the audience, and responsive user-generated contents.

Discover the opportunities you have with Search Engine Optimisation

Search experience optimization is concerned with optimizing the people from all the places your company’s brand and content can possibly appear before the audience. Search strategies need us to create brand experiences, using the search results to build relevance.

Are you ready to learn more?

Let us examine the skills you need to excel with SEO

Technical and programming skills – An SEO professional should be aware of page speed, server-side redirects, tagging, HTML tags, loading time and some other technical terms.

Social skills – You should be social to share your creative discoveries that could help the sites you are managing and do no let others blame on you.

Analytics skills – You should have a basic understanding of Google analytics to get information regarding web traffic. It includes everything you want to analyze the views and user category to generate more leads.


Excel skills – For creating custom data regarding the analysis, excel sheets will be beneficial. Keyword details can also be made with the same.

Interested in learning SEO?

Join us for expert coaching in digital marketing.

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