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IT sector is a big boom in India and most of our young generations have the desire to work for a multinational IT company. Their attractive salary, great offices with innovative ideas, facilities and services they provide to employees are a career goal for most of our generation. However, most of us do not make it to any of those dream companies. Android training institutes in thrissur provides a way for graduates those who are dreaming about google and amazon as their company ended being jobless, because it is so hard to get into those companies.

<>Android training institutes in thrissur

All those big companies are looking for knowledgeable and experienced candidates for their jobs and even their campus recruitment are only conducted in top colleges which keeps a common person away from such companies.

In such circumstances, all we need a good knowledgeable training in your desired technology and relevant experience working in live projects. Such a profile will allow you to enter into any IT company in thrissur or outside. We Atees one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies in Kerala also provide training sessions and internship for different technologies. Being one of the best android app development in thrissur, Here we are talking about the Android technology and how it is a great career option.

Android is an OS platform created by Google and become a leader in the OS platform sector. Having a competitor like IOS who is still a giant, it was not expected even from Google to perform such immensely. Having a vast database of applications and more compatible os platform than IOS, Android is finding its grip in the market each day. Being a professional Android development training centre in Thrissur Here are few points which show why Android is a great career option for current generation and generations to come.

1. Biggest App Collection

Android provides a big marketplace of apps with a mammoth 3.8 million in number way ahead of their competition IOS who still have 2 million apps in their store. Advantages android have that it is an open source which means anyone can use it, modify it as per their convenience. However, IOS is a closed source letting only apple persons can use it privately and modify it. This probably went in favor of Android and many developers created many useful apps and games which performed quite well with users also a lot of IOS applications were recreated in the exact quality making it more trustworthy to make a great app with good quality just like IOS. Having an option to develop applications and games in Android with the almost same quality of IOS and trend going high for the Android platform because of its open nature, makes it a reliable career option.

2. Easier To Learn

Having experience of conducting computer courses in Thrissur, What we often hear that Android is easier to learn than others. Having a good knowledge and basic sense is enough to make a good android application in a few days. Understanding a coding language is just like learning another language, Java, which is the base language of Android, it is easy to program a new app with good content and high-quality graphics can make life easy and give you time to invest time in more ideas and innovation while creating an app. This creative flexibility is expected to satisfy the developers which leads to a stressless yet challenging and satisfying job any developer can have.


3. The Uncertainty of IOS

With the experience of conducting android and iOS course in Thrissur, we are well informed about the current trends in android and IOS. Although IOS still a leader and great competitor for Android, the future of IOS is still uncertain. Probably after the sad demise of Steve Jobs IOS is not come up with revolutionary technology like before. This shows a growing yet slow pace of IOS and lack inventions and releasing new products with basic upgrades are letting some part of their fan base. Over to that restrictive parts of the mobile and overpricing also considered as a letdown factor in IOS. However, Company will be there for a long time, it is expected that android with the rule the future with more technologically advanced products that make life easier. Such trends and growing impression of android in the world market suggest that Android platform is there for a long time as rulers and it is considered to be an innovative and secure platform for a great career.

4. The Price That Makes The Difference

When the comparison between IOS and Android comes in, Android will win the reasonable price battle. IOS is preferred as a high standard product for many IOS users. However, the fact is there are many functions only IOS had, is for Android now. Android is cheaper yet provide many functionalities that IOS provides and even many facilities which IOS can never provide. Still, in the price market, IOS sell their products for almost or more than the double price of Android sets. This is a huge difference in terms of money, however, This also goes in favor of android as a great career option. Even though IOS still have a market, their people who prefer Android and a steady growth in the Android sale from its origin shows a great future for its product and android developers. Now all Android development seekers need is a good Android course training in Thrissur which we Atees offer throughout the year.

Android training institutes in thrissur

5. Flexible To Customize

Android is a friendly OS platform where you can customize your system any way you want. However, its rival IOS wants to control how its work and that goes a negative point for IOS despite its great interface and apps. Android provides flexibility in using software and hardware part for a good customer friendly experience. However, IOS want the user to enjoy their premium hardware and software facilities. Hence, Android has Bluetooth for sharing files, memory card slot for extra memory and IOS lack all of it. Such minor yet major differences and a big change in price help android to populate its demand in all part of the world and gained more interest in their products. Although IOS is still leading in the profit value, from a job market point of view, Android developer is in high demand with its open source and easy to make applications, any Android developer can develop any new content and sell it to big companies. Hence there is a space for freelancing or opening own company with your own developed applications, is also an impressive career option. Our Android developer training program in Thrissur will cover such topics in order to make our candidate come up with their own ideas and innovations.

The world of Android ready with a lot of opportunities and scopes, however, in the knowledge friendly world, all MNCs require an experienced candidate with good knowledge. This is hardly gained by our college graduate during their course. Having android specific knowledge is something an institution can only provide.

Having experienced in Java internships in Thrissur, one of the best Android training institutes in Thrissur and conducting professional android certification courses in Thrissur we, Atees provide you with a life-changing opportunity to come and train with us with reasonable fee along with a chance to do Internship for free. We also provide different pieces of training such as Odoo training in Thrissur, PHP course in Thrissur, iOS training in Thrissur, Python course in Thrissur and lot more, The best part about our courses are we are providing training from professional trainers and students also get a chance to work in live project and academic project during their course and internship. This provides candidate a handful of runtime experience which can showcase in a corporate interview. Knowing that corporate prefer an experienced and knowledgeable candidate to reduce their training investment, this format of training is a big success in our training career. Please visit our site http://www.atees.org/offers for more details.

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