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Struggling to find a real job after graduation? Most of us dream of starting a career immediately. But instead we find ourselves jobless, stressed out, frustrated sending resumes to every job vacancies we come across, and then panic starts to creep in for not being able to land a job. It can be truly disheartening and embarrassing at the same time if you have overachieving friends making you feel like a loser sometimes. But it’s just a matter of time.With the right guidance and skills, anyone can have a fulfilling career from their dreams. The top training provider of computer courses in Thrissur is sharing some must know facts to help the job aspirants to make their dreams come true.

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Computers have changed over the years, how the world works. It is a proven resource for almost every field like business, education, medicine, transportation, banking etc. As technology advances and evolves, job seekers with formal training and skills will find it a lot easier to take advantage of the wide array of offers in the field of computers and information technology. It does not just give you a chance to earn high-quality income but a fulfilling career choice with a strong and steady increase in demand.

Computer Course In Thrissur

Let’s talk about some of the top job guaranteed courses,

Android development training

You probably must be reading this blog on an Android phone. This operating system of Google has definitely reached the nook and corner of the world by leading 80% of overall smartphone sales, and employers are continuously hiring professionals with Android development certification.

It is an open source platform which provides a huge marketplace. Google play store is the biggest marketplace for mobile apps. Providing tremendous job opportunities in Android app development in India and abroad.

Odoo courses

Odoo is an all in one business development software including CRM, website, e-commerce, billing, accounting, warehouse, project management and inventory. It is the fastest growing business software that covers all business requirements. Because of its highly comprehensive nature, open ERP application, and advanced technology with the wide community making it more popular and one of the top career option of 2019.

Web designing course

Websites are another name for browsing and internet. It is vital for an organisation or an industry to establish their online presence in order to sustain in the market and hence they need more and more web developers to get their job done.

computer course in Thrissur

Web design courses like HTML,CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop, UX/UI design can open up to a new world of creativity and endless number of job opportunities.

iOS developer

Apple products like iPhone and iPad are definitely some of the important pieces of technological hardware created in the last twenty years. They rely on iOS to serve as their operating system. This is why iOS developers who build apps for apple devices are in such high demand with talent shortages leading to large salaries for many of those in the field.

Software testing

Software testing career involves working towards the assurance of software quality and ensure there are no unintended consequences of usage of the software. There are many types of testing one can choose to specialise performance testing, manual testing, automation testing etc. Among all GUI and web testing is really interesting domains and promises a bright future in the software industry. Most software testers vouch for this, that they love their jobs like no other professionals and would never want to do any other job ever. This field is interesting, challenging at the same time promising.

Digital marketing

You surely must have come across the digital marketing hype, as more and more brands are shelling out on digital marketing creating the booming job market. Due to under catering of the digital marketing skilled professionals and digitisation of industries, companies, start-ups across the world is making digital marketing highly demanding career choice across the world.

Java training

Java is easy to write and easy to run, this is the foundational strength of Java and the reason why Java is used by many programmers.

There are wide career opportunities with lucrative packages. Java developers can pick up any of these following roles,

  • Application developer
  • Java Web developer
  • Program analyst
  • Software developer
  • Software engineer
  • Java teacher

If you are looking for a Java training course in Thrissur, ATEES comes with subject experts, who have earned the reputation with their unparalleled experience and notable qualifications who would help you to ace Java certification course in Thrissur.

Why ATEES industrial training

ATEES is a top choice of career aspirants in Thrissur for its innovative teaching methods that make the students job ready from day one. We give importance for the technology-driven courses that are in high demand currently as well as in the long run, capable to fetch a high paying fulfilling career with tremendous growth prospects.

Computer Course In Thrissur

ATEES is a leading provider of computer courses in Thrissur as it is an ethical organisation who genuinely cares for the students and providing them with course oriented internships, industrial visit, tech talks, management talks and has consistently maintained good placement records for years and is the USP of AIT.

With our highly talented and qualified faculties with many years of experience provide the best in the industry intensive training in all the above programmes in Thrissur.

We are one of the top android development training centre in Thrissur, web designing training in Thrissur, odoo and Java courses in Thrissur providing excellent training programmes for graduates, undergraduates, job seekers, working professionals who are looking forward to a career in IT industry.

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