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Do you find computer science a little hard? You may have tons of information about the field but all that information is just crammed up in that little headspace of yours.

In fact, there is so much to explore in the field of computer science that can be really interesting, if you’re in the right place.

For all those students who have been searching for a platform that can teach you about the various fields of computer science, you’ve already found it!

AIT now offers students the chance to study the various fields of computer science while also getting the required training simultaneously.

PHP Projects

 best project ideas for computer science students

What is PHP?

PHP is considered as one of the most used language systems for the creation of the most dynamic websites. It is also an open source while also serving as a cross-platform server-side programming language that can be used to develop web applications.

It ranges from personal websites to e-commerce applications and community web portals.

Why is PHP very popular these days?

The reason why PHP is really popular is because it allows for the creation of web application projects to be done easily. Likewise, AIT uses Codeigniter for developing PHP Projects.

Why Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is considered to be one of the best PHP frameworks for web application development. When compared to other frameworks, Codeigniter development is much faster and reliable.

PHP projects also includes Live projects, Academic Projects and IEEE Projects.

What are these projects?

These projects are ongoing projects that are in progress, done in the premises of the company to be submitted to clients.

Students can get the chance to do the modules of certain projects. Upon doing live projects, they can get an overall idea about proper project planning instead of mere academic project training.

Academic Projects:

 best project ideas for computer science students

These are mandatory projects required to complete the academic studies. They provide a big help for students who have come to get real-time experience about their field of study. AIT also offers assistance in academic projects for computer science.

IEEE Projects:

International Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a worldwide organisation for technological development. These projects are done on the base of a project idea that is taken from published IEEE papers at IEEE libraries. Check out IEEE projects for CSE.

Cloud Computing

How can cloud computing help me?

Cloud Computing allows the user to store, access and process their data or information from remote servers on the internet. This allows the user to later access the information from anywhere.

Cloud computing is preferred by developers due to its reliability and flexibility.

Data Mining

What is Data Mining?

Data Mining, also known as data discovery is the process of discovering useful data or information from several huge data warehouses to create useful information by assessing the databases from several perspectives.

How useful is Data Mining ?

Introduced as a new and fast-growing technology, there are lots of opportunities for new innovations to find powerful data mining tools. It also plays a vital role in creating useful data or information in several areas like medical,transportation telecommunications & finance.


When two or more computers are interconnected with the same protocol and then share the same information, data and resources it is referred to as networking, The most popular network types in this regard are LAN, MAN, WAN and HAN.

In the case of LAN networks, they may be confined to a small geographical area while the WAN may cover a large geographical area.

Android Projects

 best project ideas for computer science students

Android mobile application development of capable of offering services to the needs of any field like –

● Entertainment,
● Shopping,
● Multimedia support(audio/video),
● Simulation & porting to mobile devices,
● Social media applications,
● GUI development & mobile application customisation businesses,
● Social networking and several more.

Likewise, the project development in Android makes the students capable of developing matchless apps with high quality. The android projects also provide Live, Academic and IEEE projects. Android projects can also include some of the best project ideas for computer science students.

iOS Projects

One of the most ideal platforms for developing mobile applications is the iPhone/iPad. Our program helps the students in creating user-friendly, highly accurate and interactive apps based on unique needs.

Students will be provided with all the essential innovative ideas and resource-based training. The projects also feature Live, Academic and IEEE projects. Take a look at some projects for final year CSE students.

JAVA Projects

The Java platform revolves around a computing style that is based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should be able to run on different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets and other devices. Check out a few java projects for students.

Where can Java be operated?

The java technology-based Java software can operate almost everywhere ranging from the smallest devices to the supercomputer. Similarly, Java technology components are not affected by the kind of computer, phone, TV or operating system they run on.

They run on any kind of compatible device that supports any Java platform. Also, it is an object oriented language that allows users to create real-world applications.

Python Projects

The need for learning Python ?

● These projects are an open source programming language that can assist you in getting jobs you long for.
● It serves as a high-level programming language that is used to develop small and large scale programs.
● It can also help create websites along with other complex projects.

What kind of features are provided by Python ?

Python provides features like-

● Cross-platform deployment
● Speed of the resulting application
● Scalability
● Rock-solid stability
● Strong support for mixed language development

These features also make Python a developer-friendly programming language.

Web Design Projects

 best project ideas for computer science students

The team provides web designing services that are more complex and technically advanced while also representing information all over the world. The training covers all the areas related to web designing topics.

How useful would my artistic skills be in this field ?

Students who have the right aesthetic sense along with the right kind of artistic skills would be given priority when it comes to working for the company. Check out some innovative project ideas for computer science students.

The training session would also feature both Live and Academic projects.

Not only that you will be getting proper training and the right kind of assistance, but you will also be given the chance to bring out some of your more creative ideas on the table. For those who need a base regarding these projects check out some computer science final year project ideas.

If you’re really interested, check out some of the other services what AIT has to offer. Join the AIT training and learn about the field by attending academic classes as well as practical training by working on the organisation’s projects.

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