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Marketing materials are always essential for a business to share a desired message about their products and services. This is how they get connected with their prospective customers.This make them in need for a creative professional with visual communication skills.

<>Advertising Design Course

Are you interested in creating advertisement design for print media or internet?

This can be done using a variety of media such as photography, video, audio, animation and many other trending technologies.

As an advertising designer you must be able to reach a target audience considering their specific taste and preferences.

Feeling interested in pursuing a career in this high demanding field with strong competition?

Atees Industrial Training is here before you to provide you with the most trending courses of this era. Join for the 1 months course in advertising design and become a skill full professional.

It is the right time to join the great vogue and go digital!

Know more about the course

Our faculties with professional expertise over years have organised a syllabus to make our students capable of becoming a pro and to get hired by top most companies in the industry.Our course includes :

Advertising Design Course

1.Concept of advertising : You will be given a an overview of advertising and the basic lessons about the concepts of advertising.

2.Graphic Designing & Advertising : Our faculties will train you to do creative and unique graphic designs with different tools. There are many institutions providing graphic design courses in Kerala. Choose the best and learn from the experts.

3.Raster Graphics & Vector graphics in advertising : Learn advanced tools and techniques in graphics :

* Adobe photoshop
* Product, service, and grocery advertising
* Brochure, logo, magazine and e-paper designing
* Business cards

4.Latest advertising styles : Advertising design is incorporated with more styles and designs than you think. A mere knowledge in photoshop or similar applications have nothing to do with catchy ads. For that you have to learn highlighted typography, modern retro-style designs, geometric shapes, modular layouts, dramatic typography and custom illustrations.

5.Online Advertising tools : There are many online advertising tools to help you with advertising design. If you are trained, you can use these tools and show up your creativity in designing. The available tools are adobe spark, Pixar and canvas.

Let’s go through the career options you have after learning advertising design

You have a variety of options after getting known about the advertising design. You may start your own designing firm or work for an established organisation.

Advertising Design Course

Generally after successful completion of the course people tends to start self employed. If you are a experienced designer you can seek to move out of self employment and can go for a full-time employment. After acquiring more years of experience in the aforementioned roles, you may advance to professional categories such as chief designer, art director, or creative director in an established company.

Do you think that you have the potential to pursue this exciting career?

Please don’t hesitate to join us for the trending course of this era.

Why AIT?

At AIT, we have professionally qualified faculties with many years of experience in training to make you learn and help you with getting hired by the outstanding companies in the market with your potential to grow and your unique skills. They can polish your knowledge and skills and mould you to be an active and dynamic designer. We are considered to be the provider of the best graphic designer courses in Thrissur.

Apart from mere theoretical knowledge, we are focusing on lab intensive training that can make you an expert in the field. We give you practical experience through working with our diverse projects and can assure you proper live training.

Our other trending courses :

Advertising Design Course

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* Data science : Learn big data the emerging trending course

* Android gaming : Makes you develop android applications for gaming

* IoT : Internet of things is gaining priority in the industry. Get trained in IoT

* C++ and Java : Learn basic and advanced concepts of the popular programming languages

* Python : Learn coding in python, the simple language to learn and use

* Machine learning : Get advanced training in machine learning

* Artificial intelligence : The digital world is now beyond the artificial intelligence. Learn and explore AI

* Network security : Pursue a career in network security with intensive coaching

* Hadoop : Learn how an open-source software utilities facilitates networking.

And many more

Come and join your favourite courses.

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