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Project Features
Duration for all projects are two months. Flexible time shift for students are provided on demand.
Feel free to contact us 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to clarify your doubts and queries on demand before and after the course study.
Ours is a multinational company and our certificates are valid worldwide because of that certificates are awarded to the students strictly based on performance.
Well qualified trainers with vast experience in their respective field of study are always available to support the students and assist them to do projects and courses.



Flexible time shift as per the convenience of students.

About The Project

An embedded system is a “special-purpose computer system designed to perform one or more dedicated functions”. Embedded systems have become very important today because they control many of the common devices we use. Embedded system ranges from portable consumer electronics gadgets such as MP3 Players, ipods, mobile phones, video game consoles, digital cameras, DVD players, technology infrastructure equipment like routers, telecom & network switches, printers, medical electronics equipment like CT scan, MRI etc. Virtually all the automotive and aerospace electronics including safety equipment like ABS and Airbags are used to create large stationary installations like traffic lights, nuclear power plant controllers etc.

Live Projects

Live projects are ongoing projects done within a company for their clients. Students get a chance to do the modules of a certain project. By doing live projects, students get an overall idea about proper project planning instead of just a general academic projects training.

Academic Projects

Academic projects are necessary to complete academic studies. They are a big help for students to acquire real time experience about their field of study. Good knowledge about the project are necessary to successfully complete it.

IEEE Projects

International Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a globally known organization for technological development. IEEE projects are those projects in which actual idea of the project is crafted from published IEEE papers at IEEE libraries.

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