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Industrial Visit is a vital part of developing the career of a student. It provides an opportunity to get exposed to technical aspects of learning rather than limiting one's knowledge to books. Being a part of an Industrial Visit can help students mould themselves into a more experienced professional in their field. This helps students think dynamically and explore technically.

Students can benefit themselves by getting exposed to a better working environment i.e better industrial and business practices. It also provides an opportunity for students to interact with the faculties and students of  other colleges. Through this they can get new ideas and concepts in their field. Moreover, Industrial Visit helps them to gain practical knowledge apart from theoretical knowledge which is more useful in setting up a career.

ATEES Industrial Training understands every perspective of learning and has all the essential facilities students can make use of. Our latest technologies, perfect infrastructure and calm working environment provides an apt environment for students to gather maximum knowledge and provide full fledged output. Students can visit our company and get a close look of the functioning practices that we follow. We provide guidance in teaching and help students understand the actual working experience. They can also interact with our staff and get a closer view of our working environment. Students will go through a briefing before the visit. The briefing focuses on the areas to be covered in the program. Our experienced and qualified professionals will assist the students in providing a framework of various technical aspects in an IT sector. They will be provided with classes where they are taught in brief about the basic concepts of various programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, Android, iOS, Asp.Net, Web and Graphic Designing, Software Testing, Odoo, Digital Marketing and many more. They can interact with our team of professionals who will provide guidance and assistance in the same. The final outcome of this learning process is they get exposed to all aspects of learning and working in an IT firm.

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