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Framework: Codeigniter Laravel
Project Delivery: Online/Offline
Certification Authority: AIT Issued Seminar Completion Certificate
Categories: Live Project, Academic Project,IEEE & Non-IEEE Projects
Technologies Used: Cloud Computing, Data Mining,Networking
Project Guidance: Abstract, Source Code,Project Report,Presentation Training/Classes,Course* (Add-on), Demo Viva

About The Project

Live Projects covering a variety of project topics are offered by ATEES Industrial Training Academic Projects in both online and offline training sessions with flexible time schedules to suit the convenience of candidates. Candidates who join this session will have the opportunity to participate in a practical work environment with the help of our experienced professional instructors who manage client projects and AIT Issued Project Completion Certificate will be awarded to those completing the project. Any candidate intending to submit live or mini-project for Individual or Combined project works is also eligible for this program.

A little open-source effort at first, PHP grew as more users realised how beneficial it was. In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf released PHP's initial iteration. PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor," a recursive acronym. HTML includes the server-side scripting language PHP. It is used to develop full e-commerce sites as well as manage dynamic content, databases, and session monitoring. Numerous well-known databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server, are connected with it. AIT is one among the best institute for PHP projects in Thrissur, that our support team will be supporting the candidates for establishing their project needs.

Live Projects

Live projects are active projects carried out by a business for its customers; candidates have the opportunity to work on specific project modules. Instead of only receiving generic academic project training, students who complete real-world projects gain an in-depth understanding of good project planning.

Academic Projects

To accomplish academic studies, candidates must complete academic projects. They greatly aid candidates in gaining practical knowledge in their area of study. To properly complete the project, one must have solid project knowledge and the same will be assisted by our professional team.

IEEE Projects

An organisation for technological advancement universally known is called International Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE projects are those on which the project's actual idea is based after reading published IEEE papers in IEEE libraries.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the practice of storing and accessing data or information on external internet servers. As a result, anyone can access this data or information. Developers use Cloud Computing because it is stable and adaptable.

Data Mining

A rapidly developing and relatively young technology, so there are many opportunities for new breakthroughs to discover effective data mining tools. Data mining, also known as data discovery, is the process of extracting relevant data or information from numerous enormous data warehouses in order to produce that data by analysing those databases from various angles. Data mining is essential for producing usable information or data in a variety of fields, including medicine, telecommunications, transportation, and finance.


Networking is the term for connecting two or more computers using the same protocol in order to share information, data, and resources. The most common network kinds are LAN, WAN, and HAN. Whereas WAN networks are dispersed over a vast geographic region, LAN networks are constrained to a small geographic area.

No. Project Topics
1 E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
2 Opinion Mining for Restaurent Reviews
3 Car Comparison System
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Project Features
Duration for all projects are two months. Flexible time shift for students are provided on demand .
Feel free to contact us 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to clarify your doubts and queries on demand before and after the course study.
Ours is a multinational company and our certificates are valid worldwide because of that certificates are awarded to the students strictly based on performance.
Well qualified trainers with vast experience in their respective field of study are always available to support the students and assist them to do projects and courses.
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