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Course Duration: Minimum 10 Days
Curriculum Delivery: Online / Offline
Timings & Schedules: Flexible time shift as per the convenience of candidates
Certification Authority: AIT Issued Seminar Completion Certificate
Seminar Index: Seminar Paper Research, Seminar Presentation Training, Documentation, Demo viva Section, PPT Presentation

About The Seminar

ATEES Industrial Training seminar paper involves everything that one needs to be successful in their respective career. The courses are designed to help candidates comprehend the topic and incorporate apt skills in their professional writing. We welcome questions from our candidates on how we can help them with the seminar preparation. In addition, our support team will guide one with seminar topics including quality discussion on the logical idea and technologies involved. The seminar paper is presented in four major sections: Introduction; Background; Analysis; and Conclusion. Each sub-sections will be researched and examined in detail in the subsequent pages.

Python is a mainstream, high-level, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language.
General characteristics of Python:

  • Clean and Simple Language: Easy-to-read and intuitive code, easy-to-learn minimalist syntax, maintainability scales well with the size of projects.
  • Expressive Language: Fewer lines of code, fewer bugs, easier to maintain.
  • Technical Details: dynamically typed: No need to define the type of variables, function arguments, or return types.
  • Automated Memory Management: Memory for variables and data arrays does not need to be actively allocated and deallocated. No memory leak bugs.
  • Interpreted: No need to compile the code. The Python interpreter directly reads and runs the Python code.

We will walk you through an overview of the Python introduction, the platforms, Data Types in Python, Basic Python Coding, Python Uses, and the life cycle of Python applications in the Python Seminar paper. You can see how each component ties into the part as a whole through a sequence of presentations that make up the section. Each topic is created, and then various technologically based research is conducted after each portion to cross-check the information.

  • Why was created?
  • Features
  • Conclusion

No. Seminar Topics
1 Students Grievance Redressal Cell Python Project(Django+dbsqlite)
2 Revolutionising Child Vaccination Management Building an Efficient App with Django and SQLite(Django+dbsqlite)
3 AGRI SHOP for Farmers in Django Python application(Django+dbsqlite)
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