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What is a workshop?

Workshop in the modern era of today can be best explained as a room or building where tools and machinery are provided for learning the topic of relevance. They are the base for all industrial revolutions and industrialization.

Why workshop?

Workshop is intended for a small number of participants allowing personal attention and one to one interaction. Often designed for people working on the same topic or similar fields. They are conducted by experienced professionals having amassed knowledge in the respective field. Here participants are the influencers. Healthy discussions, time limited and self contained topics lead to better understanding of the topics.

How to conduct a workshop?

All workshops are carried after intense planning, structured diagrams of explanations and execution of the topics of choice. Understanding the purpose of the workshop is essential for delivering a good workshop. Frame out a presentation that includes facilitation, consistency involvement and variation in activities..

Tools for workshop

Plannings, preparations, implementation, substance of workshops, closure and follow-up. Planning includes creating blueprints, diagrams, charts and detailed blocks of information.

How to - in a workshop?

Planning is followed by preparations for organizing the workshop. Preparations include building on all topics of relevance, arranging all data as well as equipments in place, attractive materials and handouts to help participants learn with ease. Don't be over prepared for the topic, lest it may seem that you are over confident. Implementing all the topics is necessary to gain better structured output.

Why substance in a workshop?

Substance of a workshop is maintained by keeping track of time, matching the theory and practical aspects of a workshop by presenting materials in a different ways. Activities maintained are informative and entertaining. Building on reality of objects, allowing ample time for discussions in all activities.

Closure of a workshop

Signing up and review of agenda is important. Revisit all expectations and give the candidates to sum up on their expectations by getting feedback on ideas, technicalities and collecting evaluated forms. Followups are necessary for timely info and regular updates. Thus workshops are effective and successful if planning, preparations and implementations are punctually followed. Workshops enhance a trainers guidance skills and knowledge on subject of matter explained.

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