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Talking about programming for a job in tech is a bit tough question to answer. Many students do has this question in their mind especially those from IT as everyone won’t have the same vision towards this domain. An appropriate answer would be “Programming is not mandatory but to live in a professional world, at least the basics must be made thorough ”.- 

Practising programming can be useful for people, predominantly working/ interested in working in the software field as IT is the backbone of any industry, which will be alive till technology exists. So it would be better to seek for an expert help to gain maximum skills in programming from a recognized IT training institute.

ATEES Industrial Training (AIT), is such one institute which provide live project training and academic project training in Thrissur for students and job seekers worldwide. There are lot of benefits that can be gained from training programs which can be understood by referring this link. http://www.atees.org/blog/web-designing-training-course-in-thrissur


Programming Interviews

Programming interviews can be a tiring one as the candidate has to strive to complete the coding problems in the given time constraint. You may feel stressful during this time and may lead to failure due to the internal pressure. Before attending a programming job interview, you can follow certain tips and tricks to boost confidence.  http://www.atees.org/blog/asp-net-training-course-in-thrissur

The candidate has to be well versed with basic data structures/ algorithm as most of the questions asked in programming interviews need the fundamentals of the same to do the task successfully. So it will be better to gain skills in the domain, days before the mission.

Perfect code is must for the software to work properly in real time. Eventhough a 100% error free code cannot be obtained, at least try to put the best from your knowledge and you may have to explain the code to the interviewer at the time. Notably explaining the solution is different from that of coding the solution.

How to Excel in Programming Interviews ?

Participate in maximum coding competitions which can help gain the required resources to sharpen your coding skills. Practice repeatedly, which is the most recommended tip for a programming interview.

You can opt for the best training institute to get a boost up in popular programming domains. ATEES Industrial Training  is a place for programming aspirants which mainly focuses on Android academic projects, ASP.Net projects, PHP projects, Python projects, iOS projects, Java project etc.

Mostly the coding part would be more complicated than the actual interview. So you may refer to the internet for tutorials to practice on the most commonly asked questions. Once the general model of coding questions are clear, start searching for different models.

For students who get nervous or if they find the coding questions unanswerable, no need to worry as most coding interviews will be difficult and same condition is felt by everyone attending it. Notably, top programmers you may see now from top tech companies, actually may be just an average performer.

How Continuous Practice in Programming Help my Career ?

Can earn a high paid job in top tech companies by becoming a good programmer.

If you can shine well in programming by practising in contests, top companies may hire you as they have close connection with top companies.

If you can code faster, you are near to the probability of getting hired as companies will be looking for programmers who knows fast and accurate coding skills.

By practising and gaining interest in coding, you can stay more focussed for a longer period of time, as in companies you may have to do the same.

Practising codes will also automatically makes you a good debugger too during real time work.

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