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An important part of an IT industry is web designing. A complete knowledge of CSS and HTML makes you a good designer. For designing a website these two are the basic requirement. In today’s life websites are playing a vital role. Everything had gone online today. Online shopping, counselling is the major benefit which a […] Read more...

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Google is the one of those top tech giants where any student would wish to land his career into. Becoming an employee in the company is like a dream to desire the deal for the future for anyone, being frank. Being the part of the company has numerous steps to be completed successfully in order […] Read more...

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Millions of students are graduated every year in India after having a complete degree  level training in their respective field. But does that  education system lead them to a successful career prospects? Answer is yes for the majority but what about the rest. Application of Information technology is the backbone in every field – engineering, […] Read more...

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Every student dreams of a rewarding career in life but the path to success is almost always strewn with hurdles. Interviews are scary enough, but there is one major hurdle that you need to overcome before you are selected for an interview and that is your CV. A CV is the first impression you give […] Read more...

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AIT(ATEES Industrial Training) is a live project training center in Thrissur which imparts practical learning through the utilization of resources available in our students lab.   People who are highly experienced and with good professional knowledge are assigned to take care of the task. Candidates receive an in depth understanding from the academic project training in […] Read more...

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Both PHP and Java are highly useful languages on their own, and both are widely used around the world, but a few considerations can help you decide which language would suit your personal taste and requirement. (Refer:- PHP Course Thrissur , java course in thrissur) Java is a highly powerful programming language used for a wide […] Read more...

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If you belong to the category I’ve mentioned, this blog is for you. Why do you want a job so soon, when other 18 year old are still sponging off parents, who like most conventional Indian parents consider their children as children till they have children? You might have many reasons. The most simple reason, […] Read more...

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According to the reports, by the end of next two years, India will have the 2nd largest Smartphone market in the world. This trend will reach approx 200 Million by 2016 and approx 650 Million by 2020. This is why all small to big companies such as e-Commerce companies like Myntra are going Mobile App […] Read more...

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Digital marketing is for those who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet. Do you see those attractive Web banner ads, Video campaigns, Mobile apps, Informative blog posts quite often while surfing the net? All these are nothing, but different forms of Digital Marketing! As the world is getting more and […] Read more...

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