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ATEES Industrial Training (AIT), a subsidiary of ATEES Infomedia Pvt Ltd, is a leading computer courses training centre in thrissur imparting training and counseling to aspirants in the field of information technology. With a workforce of highly skilled professionals endowed with rich industrial experience, we offer the best services with updated syllabi and live projects that make our students industry-ready in a real sense. Our highly knowledgeable teaching staff and state-of the art classroom facilities create the ideal atmosphere for gaining a strong foundation of basic concepts. A well-equipped lab serves to consolidate the theories learnt by practicing alongside our expert staff, and also exposes the student to the actual workplace atmosphere by interaction with our professional and management team.

computer course training centre in thrissur

We are a professionally managed team with strong work-ethics and hard-earned repute to our credit. We follow a strict code of discipline with the students coming to us, and ensure they reap the benefits of training. Our students have been successfully placed all over the world in some of the leading IT companies, and are proof to the success of our systematic approach to value-based training.

What we offer:

1. Academic and management projects: We have designed many IEEE and non-IEEE projects in hardware/software technologies for CS/IT and ECE/EEE students. With more than 10000 IEEE/non-IEEE projects in Thrissur already executed, we make sure that these projects give students live exposure to the workings of the industry. Our management projects expose our students to the practical aspects of management in Operations, Hr, Finance etc.

2. Courses in CS/IT and EC/Electrical: Courses in CS/IT include courses in programming languages, multimedia, networking and hardware, software testing, digital marketing etc. Following are some of our popular courses:

  • Android: Another highly popular mobile operating system, Android is a most sought- after course with immense job opportunities. We provide basic as well as advanced courses in Android.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a common buzzword in the IT industry. With every website competing to come first in the search results of major search engines, many companies regularly use SEO services to increase their website ranking in search results. Here in we offer the latest course in SEO in Thrissur with updated syllabus.
  • Digital marketing: More and more companies are promoting their products and services on the internet, where they get more customers. Our comprehensive course in Digital Marketing at Thrissur is based on latest trends in this field and prepares you for a successful career ahead.
  • Website design and development: There is a huge demand for professional web designers. It is a job demanding creativity and imagination, along with software skills. Our tailor-made web development and design courses are the best in Thrissur, and many of our students get successfully placed in good companies soon after completion of their course.
  • php: This is a popular server-scripted language widely used today, mainly for web development. It is relatively easy to learn, is open-source and very versatile. Major sites like facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia have been designed using php. And hence, PHP Course has increasing demand.
  • Java: Java is a very powerful language which enhances functionality of web pages. It is regularly used by software companies to develop their products and services. We provide the best Java course in Thrissur.
  • Python: Python is an easy, open-source language used primarily in Web development, Network programming and Software and Game development. High quality python training in thrissur is guaranteed at our institute.
  • ASP.net: Again open-source, ASP.net was developed by Microsoft mainly to build rich, dynamic web applications and services.

EC/Electrical courses include Embedded Systems, Circuit and PCB designing, microcontrollers etc.

3. Job-oriented internship at Thrissur: This internship is aimed at giving practical exposure to students, in fields of their interest. For Internship in thrissur, The student can choose from many combinations of CS/IT courses to suit his/her aptitude and aspirations. After completion of this internship, the student ideally becomes a certified software developer at intermediate-level.

4. On-campus training: We also offer training in colleges using the lab facilities there, so that students get to work inside their own campus under combined guidance of our experts as well as their college project guide.

5. Tech talks and Management talks: Tech talks are all about knowledge-sharing where creative use of power-point presentations and slide shows give students a wealth of information in a short span of time. It helps to keep students updated with the latest trends in technology and makes them more competitive individuals. Management talks enable students to learn the nuances of business administration and also interact with our management team for clarifying doubts.

6. Personality development: Knowledge of psychology and learning how to behave in the best professional manner so as to increase overall productivity is one of the most important aspects of business management. Seminars, mock interviews, debates and group discussions help to boost the confidence of students and get them through interviews.

Our motto is imparting high quality education with emphasis on practical knowledge. We mould our students to become professionals with sound knowledge and industrial exposure. We strive for all-round development of each individual by providing the right atmosphere and tools conducive to true learning.

Interested to join us? Come join for our flexible courses/projects, and become industry-ready in a matter of months. Our courses are open to freshers and experienced alike, and timings can be arranged to suit your requirements. For more details, visit our website http://www.atees.org/




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