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When scrolling through the pages of newspaper you might have come across the name Julian Assange, the director of an international organization named WikiLeaks, which publishes news leaks. He is one of the top hackers in the world. Here in India also we have a list of renowned ethical hackers like Ankit Fadia who has published over 10 books in the field of hacking. Now the real question arises. Is there any difference between hacking and ethical hacking?

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To understand this you must know about the types of Hackers who are based on their intent of the hacking system. There is a White-Hat hacker, the good guy and a Black-Hat hacker, the bad guy. Cyber criminals who intrude into the security systems of organizations posing a threat even to national security can be called as Black-Hat hackers. Ethical hacking is a part of hacking where these type of hackers protect the networks of businesses, government agencies from malware, ransom ware and viruses. Ethical Hacking is also known as Penetration Testing. An ethical hacker penetrates into the networks and during testing if any vulnerabilities are found they will fix it making the network more secure. In other words a malicious hacker tries to break in whereas an ethical hacker enters in a legal manner.

An ethical hacker must follow a code of ethics and have obtained permission from the right people before breaking into a network. The role of an ethical hacker is not constrained to testing. They should adopt countermeasures for the defense of the system from the attack of a malicious hacker.

He must find the open ports in his own systems using port scanning tools like Nmap or Nessus. He should also make sure that patch installations cannot be exploited by examining them.  Other responsibilities of an ethical hacker include hijacking web servers, evading honeypots and firewalls, bypassing and cracking wireless encryption etc.

While using a hacking tool, the ethical hacker has to be aware that it does not contain any malware so as to hack the hacker itself. When free tools are downloaded from internet, there is a chance to contain malware and undocumented backdoors. Experts code their own tools as they don’t trust other’s code.

Ethical hacking training with ceh certification is available worldwide that will provide hands on training in Ethical hacking to mold the youth into fine ethical hackers. Some of the largest companies across industries like healthcare, energy, government, financial etc. employ those with certified ethical hacker training to strengthen their defenses. In India the total pay of an ethical hacker per year can vary between Rs 182,728 – Rs 2,435,999.

A Certified Ethical Hacker uses the same tools as a malicious hacker. He is skilled in his profession and knows how to look for vulnerabilities in networks. So those who would love to enter this field must undergo ceh training as many companies including IT Firms has made CEH certification compulsory for their security professionals. The EC-Council is the creator of the Certificated Ethical Hacker (CEH) the oldest and most popular penetration course and certification exam.

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There are many institutes providing Ethical hacking course in Kerala. They train their students to be in the shoes of a malicious hacker so that they think just like them and use the same tools and techniques used by these malicious ones. If you search for an Ethical hacking course in Thrissur then ATEES Industrial Training (AIT) will top the list. We mold you to master the hacking technologies converting you into the mindset of a Hacker. Advanced concepts like corporate espionage, exploit writing, reverse engineering and writing virus codes, will be taught and once the course is completed the students will be able to scan, test, hack and secure IT systems. Ethical hackers are nowadays included in the risk management team. So along with focus on vulnerabilities they should also be able to reduce risk efficiently.

ethical hacking course in thrissur

For a career in ethical hacking a good understanding of some important concepts like penetration testing, intrusion detection and prevention, red teaming etc. is required. Apart from these if you are good in programming, web developing and scripting then you would make up a good hacker. A variety of roles awaits the students who have completed the ceh course. You could also be a Security tester, Security consultant, Information security auditor or a Security analyst.

Our Experienced Trainers will provide you practical knowledge classes with projects, interview questions and answers, project case studies and many more in certified ethical hacking training to make you an expert.

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