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ERP is a smart business invention for securing a reliable resource data and through it, the firm could plan their future business strategies. Over the period, while the business concept was growing, traders find it difficult to keep their account details in mind or in the book. Although the initial use of computer helped to some extent, frequent manual errors, mistakes and even the fraudulent practices let software developing giants to think for an accurate solution to solve this issue. Not so late, they find out the solution and it called as ERP. Today, the world heavily rely on ERP applications to know their resource status, market and business value.


Odoo is an open source ERP which is well known for its economic, efficiency and accuracy. Used over a 3 million user, Odoo was started with the name TinyERP back in 2005 which later changed to OpenERP and now it famously is known as Odoo. There are many ERP solutions providing business support per module wise whereas Odoo is providing all the module support within one application. Its low-cost implementation and maintenance give a financial edge to the business owner to invest the money in productive areas. There are many reasons why a businessman can opt Odoo instead of any other expensive ERP system. Here we are listing out the advantages.


    1. Single solution for your entire business

Unlike its competitors, Odoo provides the full package of modules which can be used for enhancing the business solutions for any company. While other ERP applications sell each module at the high rate, Odoo standout with its single solution to whole business policy. Even Odoo provide an option to maintain, enhance or create new modules, other competitors provide less flexibility in that area. All you want an Odoo developer to develop something that the company requires. Interested candidates can also learn Odoo from any popular Odoo training course in Kerala such as ATEES Industrial Training.

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    2. Lowest Implementation cost

Odoo is the lowest cost ERP application in the world. Its community version is an open source ERP which provides free license and software so that anyone can use it whenever he or she requires it for their business. Odoo Implementation can be done by the technical Odoo experts which can be hired from Odoo or from any Odoo expert software support consultancy like ATEES. Odoo offers over 10000 apps and over than an Odoo expert can create a new application as per the business needs. The interesting part is that the cost for an Odoo developer who is creating new modules is nothing when other ERP companies who charge big amounts for each module. Even learning Odoo is not that costly anymore. You can grab good career oriented Odoo training in Kerala from ATEES Industrial Training at lowest cost than any other training institutes.

    3. Customizable

One of the major advantage Odoo provide is the scope of customization this application has is huge. Apart from customization, Odoo also provides a feature to build ours on modules and child application in Odoo. This provides a total business specific customized system without sparing the basic functionalities. Such customization would have been an impossible task in other ERP solutions both technically and financially. All these flexibility at cheaper cost provide the customer with a high volume of satisfaction and acceptable resource management as per their need. Such customization also brings a balance between core ERP standard settings and business specific customizations. Now, availing Odoo support for your business is easier than before. AIT provides professional Odoo course in Kerala at a reasonable rate.

Odoo training in Thrissur

    4. Simple Implementation

One of the main reason why Odoo standout from other ERP applications is its simplicity and easy implementation process. Unlike any other ERP solutions, Odoo implementation is easy in nature and don’t take much time to complete. Hence business saves a lot of time and Odoo work as an instant ERP solution which can implement in ad-hoc mode compare to other ERPs. During the installation, it allows you to test the entire set up as well as one module at a time. This will allow having an accurate testing yet fast completion of implementation. For the smooth Odoo implementation learning, you can opt for Odoo course training in Kerala. AIT is the training institute which leads the Odoo trainings Kerala.

    5. Easy Integration

Odoo is one of the easiest platforms where Integration can do without much hassle. Odoo is an inbuilt ERP to integrate with another system and its flexibility outshines its competitor as they need a lot of time and effort for an integration when compare to Odoo. This works well for a business as a great amount of time saved during the integration. Odoo also flexible to adopt another software which is good for your business unit, but not from Odoo. Such flexibility provides the customer a much needed time advantage which can be used for better productivity.

Today, ERP applications are the essential part of a company success. However, huge maintenance and initial purchase cost always an added expense for a business unit. While other ERPs charge crores for implementing each of their modules, Odoo is standing out with their open ERP specification along with economic and time-saving features. While Odoo gaining more popularity, other ERPs are still leading their luxurious life without knowing the Odoo development. Odoo’s flexibility for customization and adaptability of third-party software is something very time consuming and expensive for other ERP providers.

Odoo training in Thrissur

It is evident that Odoo is gaining its momentum and its least expensive maintenance and flexibility turn out to be a big plus for companies. Most of the ERP experts are predicting that Odoo will gain more interest and other ERP providers may see a decrease in their sale. Over the period of time, Odoo may go past other ERP giants to become one of the leading ERP providers in the world. Hence for the current upcoming job seekers, Odoo education is one of the promising career option considering the momentum Odoo gaining now.

A lot of Odoo training course in Kerala which provides decent Odoo training. However, AIT Odoo course training in Thrissur consider to be the best in Kerala so far. AIT provides the best Odoo training center in Kerala and with Internship and Job assured courses in place AIT also assures that the student who is availing the course also walk out with best career options. AIT offers Odoo internships in Kerala where student able experience the real-time Odoo development and Odoo functional tasks so they gain maximum knowledge about Odoo technology and functionality. This will help them while searching for a job and can survive any job interview with their relevant experience. Hence, don’t forget to enroll at AIT for Odoo internships in Kerala.

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