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As per the sixth edition report of DOMO, it is estimated that around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created per day. If you think this is so much, just be aware that this number will increase in the future. What is all this data? Where do they come from, have you ever wondered?

Governments, health care, social media, e-commerce, telecommunications, IoT, etc. Just name any field and you will be amazed at the amount of data generated and stored from these sectors. This includes yours too, which is your internet browsing, social media interactions, etc.

How do you think all these humongous amounts of data are dealt with and processed?. This is where the concept of Data science comes to play. All these types of data are handled, processed, analyzed by data scientist professionals to make them beneficial for business solutions. Although it may seem similar to Data mining which is only a subset of Data Science.
Data science

What is Data Science?

To be honest, Data science is not just a single concept that can be explained in a single definition. It is a multidisciplinary field that deals with the study of data. The primary purpose of data science is to record, store, and analyze raw data from multiple sources to effectively extract useful information. This may sound simple, but it’s not.

A complex amount of processes are undertaken to achieve the vital information from a heap of data which can be both structured and unstructured or a combination of both. While some of you may think that data science is related to computer science, it is solely related to statistical 

How is it important

Data science is an integral part of almost every organization because the amount of data that is daily processed and of the functions it does and the benefits it provides. If you are into data science, they should have heard about big data. It refers to large sizes of data that are difficult to be handled by the traditional data processing methods and software.

Examples of big data include Google search index, Facebook user profile database, etc. However, with data science technologies, it is possible to handle these large amounts of data with less effort.

In a country like India, as per various reports, the career scope for data science is highly demanded such that major sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, etc all require data scientists. If you are a skilled professional, then there are more than 50,000+ data science job vacancies. This is something interesting to look forward to.

Pursuing the course

Even though a data science career is good, it is not that easy to learn and master. It requires practice, skills, and knowledge which must be constantly updated and most importantly, you must have an interest in learning and deal with different types of data. If you are pursuing a course in data science, then there are some points that you must know about, which are:

Know your specialization

Although data science offers wide career opportunities and grade pay, it may tempt aspirants to choose their careers as data scientists. If you don’t have a clear picture of the type of specialization you are interested in, then this field can be difficult for you.

Therefore, the first step you should take before choosing to pursue data science is figuring your area of interest. Big data and Machine learning are the various technologies through which data science is implemented, choosing the one that piques your interest and learns that.

This does not mean that the other has to be discarded. You can’t learn everything in a single stretch, just learn the concepts sequentially based on your strengths and weakness and build your skills and knowledge according to that. If you can’t seem to decide, just keep asking questions, keep experimenting until you find the right one.

Strong skillset

To have a successful and professional career in data science, you must have a strong skill set and a clear knowledge base. How well your skills are updated, the more you can propel your learning and growth.

Therefore, having a clear idea and a strong foundation on basic statistical and programming skills will make learning data science much easier. A strong foundation helps you understand the course better and land you a successful career.

Pick up your learning process

When it comes to learning about data science, you have different approaches to choose from. You can learn it through online courses either full-time or part-time. You can even learn the course from a professional institute. Whichever path you choose, just be sure to make it is the right one else it won’t be a good experience for you in terms of career growth.

Where to learn

If you are want to begin a career in Data Science, then the first step is to get the right training and certification in a data science course from a well-known training institution. Even though many online sources offer training, it is better to enroll for the training from AIT.

Our data science classes will be provided online and are taught by highly trained professionals. You get the option to learn the course at your convenience by choosing our flexible time slots. Upon course completion, you will get a completion certificate and an internship opportunity which will be beneficial for your career growth.

How  to use data science

Why AIT?

Atees Industrial Training offers the best online Data science course in Thrissur that makes the students capable of beginning their career as a Data Scientist.  Our intensive one-on-one training ensures that they get hired in reputed companies and grow their career opportunities. 

Data science is considered as one of the best future career options offering ambitious salaries and facilities.  Since the importance of data and information is growing steadily, the future of this career always remains bright and demanding. If you are determined to start your career as a data scientist, choose AIT and get the best training and certification to make your career successful.