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Focuses on the key roles in Software Application and Enterprise Architecture.
Develop a simple Application with extensive object oriented features.

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Junior Programmer
Team Leader / Entrepreneur
Java Developer

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Advanced Java course is designed to give you a stepping stone to work on advanced and latest technologies, other enterprises or mobile applications.

About The Course

Java being found everywhere in software development, so Java courses are very much demand by both students and working professionals these days. A java programmer is essential to work on the demanding software projects. Most of companies are develop large scale projects on Java. Our Java training course will be helpful to every student

Java Professionals Training (Working Professionals)

The Java professionals training course are indented for working professionals, this will help them to be aware about fast changing industrial technologies and terminologies. Individual trainers are assigned for each trainees.

Introduction to Java (Workshop/ Seminar)

We are organising Certification Workshops for Students and Working professionals with a limited knowledge of iOS, at our company. Certificates to all are issued on the day of the workshop. The students are provided knowledge about iOS, and how to write for simple apps.

Advanced Java Training

Advanced Java Programming training course offers Java developers a set of advanced Java development skills, including generics, threads, reflection, annotations, and sockets. We help you to use Reflection API for highly generic tasks, discovery, or code-generation, standard notes and develop custom notation to express meta-data in Java source files and Communicate between processes using network socket.

Who Should Go For This Course?

Many one dreams to get a job in the very next day after studies, you can achieve it by join job oriented training at AIT. Both ongoing students and students who completed their higher secondary course, graduation or post-graduation are eligible for to apply for this course. The course duration will be 3 months. More importantly we'll provide an optional 9 months internship at our company(AIT) for students, after successful completion of the course with one year experience certificate.

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Course Features
Duration for all courses are three months, but interested students can attend a 9 month internship program at AIT, and those students get awarded one year experience certificate.
3 Live Projects are given to students based on task on that day. So students performance can easily verified regularly, and there by deciding the changes to be executed.

Providing assistance for 3 IEEE Projects for,, BSc, MSc, BBA, MBA students with study materials and lab facilities.

Students can access project materials such as source code, presentations, data sheets for lifetime, before and after project completion.

Feel free to contact us 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to clarify your doubts and queries on demand before and after the course study.

Ours is a multinational company and our certificates are valid worldwide because of that certificates are awarded to the students strictly based on performance.

Well qualified trainers with vast experience in their respective field of study are always available to support the students and assist them to do projects and courses.

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