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Atees.org, a reputed site of AIT which imparts knowledge to all who are hungry for learning. AIT introduces attractive TECH TALKS and conducts workshops. Tech talks is short for Technical Talks covered in a short session. We at AIT developed this new concept of Technical Talk where maximum information is given for the candidates/ students to capture.

Why Tech Talks ?

These talks are a sort of guidance for all students and professionals to learn when the chance comes. This talk also generates an awareness among the students about the topic of relevance.

How Tech Talks ?

Tech talks leads to competency among students. A frame of languages could be taught within this short time span. A definite meaning instead of vague ideas. A talk to gain extra knowledge and awareness of new gadgets. Trends of the present can be refreshed as needed. Tech talks are conducted by highly qualified and vibrant employees.

Tools of Tech Talks

Web languages are based on web based criteria. Tech talk presents information in a variety of methods like power point presentation , slideshows and blogs. It simplifies  data with condensed talk. Questionnaires are presented before students for better understanding. It also involves interactive sessions and feedback forms from students.

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