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Regular Expression
Database Connectivity

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Python Advanced Course

Course Duration: 3 Months of training classes with a hands-on project to practice. Provision of an optional 12 months internship including the training period.
Curriculum Delivery: Online Training, Onsite Training, Virtual Training, Corporate Training
Timings & Schedules: Both on Weekdays / Weekends
Extras: Mock Tests, Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with the course
LAB Facility: Our training courses are designed to provide an optimal learning environment. For students to learn to code or access our Cloud platform, we have a well-equipped lab facility with simulation tools and powerful processors that can run complex simulations and display scenes. Qualified lab tutors can provide students with the most up-to-date technologies and are experts in their field. In order to give our interns the finest training environment for learning different coding and software development skills, we also offer internships in this facility.
Course Contents: String, List, Tuples, Exception Handling, Regular Expression, Database Connectivity

About The Course

A good start for a beginner to learn a programming language, as it's one among the most accessible languages that is combined with a variety of different programs and specialized for any specific problems. One could use Python often to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analytics, as it's simply named as a general-purpose language. Does it have a simple syntax similar to the English language? We will have some doubts, but the ATEES Industrial Training Python course in Thrissur has an excellent team who can train our candidates from the basic level to the core level on both technical and theoretical bases. And any skilled candidate with interest will be listed in our placement cell with well-packaged companies. We have included Python Advanced, Python Full Stack, Python Associate, and Python Professional in our syllabus, for those looking to build their career with the new technologies that are easily written and executed much faster than other programming languages.

Python Advanced
One of the globally used and most accepted programming languages used from various remote corners of the world. Python Advanced includes XML, WebServices, DB-MySql, and App. Servers, with a good number of open source libraries and frameworks, benefit in application development easily. Being an object-oriented language, Python enables a smoother execution of tasks along with features like simplicity, code readability, and excellent stability.

Python Full Stack
An open-source book that one can develop both client and server-side software that explicate technical concepts in plain language. In the Python training course, in addition to HTML and CSS, we ATEES will be mastering our candidate's how to program a browser using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, and program a server using PHP, ASP, Python, Django, or Node. The candidate will be undergoing Python packages, File Handling, and Python OS Module

Python Associate
Python is a high-performance, fast, and flexible open-source programming language. The next step is to measure each candidate's ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the basics of programming in the Python language and the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming. Here we have sample practice exams that will be conducted during the course completion period, and it's a professional credential that ATEES Industrial Training provides in the Python training centre in Thrissur.

Python Professional
Is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to write advanced and professional programs in Python. We will focus on the essentials and fundamentals of Python programming, as well as some of the advanced topics that run through the everyday use of Python. Projects will involve solving different types of problems in a number of diverse fields, including scientific research and technological discovery and innovation.

Who Can Join This Course?

Python is a widely used programming language of data science and the most growing skill language its the priority tool that a Software Engineer to know more detail about it and is most specific to anyone looking into the field of Data Science. ATEES will make you stronger with a wider skill set in Python, our well-experienced tutors are here to get each candidate stronger from the route of any skill set. Those with a piece of basic knowledge, professionals, or job seekers are welcome to boost their valuable skill set in their comfort zone.

We Provide You With

→ Optional post-completion Internship program
→ Live project during internship
→ Individual Attention
→ Course completion certificate
→ Experience Certificate
→ Career Guidance
→ Placement Assistance
→ Interview Assistance with Mock Interviews
→ Optional university certification


  • Course completion certificate from AIT awarded upon completing the training sessions.
  • Upon successful completion of the one-year internship, candidates will be awarded a one-year experience certificate.
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Course Features
Course Duration 3 Months of training classes with a hands-on project to practice. Provision of an optional 12 months internship including the training period.
Assignments: 3 Live Projects 3 Live Projects are given to students based on task during the day. So student performance can be verified easily and regularly, there by deciding the changes to be executed.
Project: 3 IEEE Projects Providing assistance for 3 IEEE projects for B.tech & M.tech students. And project assistance for BSc, MSc, BBA, MBA students with study materials & lab facilities.
Lifetime Access Students can access project materials such as source code, presentations, data sheets for lifetime, before and after project completion.
24 x 7 Support Feel free to contact us 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to clarify your doubts and queries on demand before and after the course study.
Get Certified Ours is a multinational company and our certificates are valid worldwide, because of which certificates are awarded to the students strictly based on performance.
Experienced Trainers Well qualified trainers with vast experience in their respective field of study are always available to support the students and assist them in projects and courses.

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