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AIT(ATEES Industrial Training) is a live project training center in Thrissur which imparts practical learning through the utilization of resources available in our students lab.   People who are highly experienced and with good professional knowledge are assigned to take care of the task.

Candidates receive an in depth understanding from the academic project training in Thrissur and we have over 2000+ of them who are successfully placed in reputed companies all over the world.

Choosing the right career for a person is highly necessary as soon as the school academics are crossed. But the difficulty is that the students have to decide on which path they have to move and where demand, future and salary is more. AIT stands besides you as a guide to enlighten the path through which a job seeker roams. Here we serve these candidates a list of long lasting technology jobs in the coming years and wishing everyone a successful job hunting ahead.

  • Mobile Application Developer:

                                                            This is one of the world’s fastest growing job in the world. The phase of people have changed since the introduction of smartphones because they change the way we do our daily routines.The companies are in demand for candidates, with and without experience for the  development of innovative platforms – iOS and android. Increasing calls has resulted in carving out the largest technological opportunity ever seen. It is a bitter truth that there are more mobile app developers needed than skilled developers in other areas.  

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  •  Database Administrator:

                                                     The businesses are growing and require a large amount of datas to be stored. Since the last 10 years, the files and folders are stored digitally online or offline. Database Administrator has to take care of the job to organize, protect and maintain all the informations. Nowadays these files are uploaded to cloud platforms. This makes way for another job opportunity known as cloud security. Candidates having certification in IT security training would be hired to secure the privacy.



  • System Analyst:

                                         System Analyst helps in working of the computers connected in a network more efficiently by analyzing its design concepts and procedures. These people will be assigned a job of any issues related to hardware or software and investigate and come out with an optimal solution, which enables other employees to smoothly run  their daily routine in their machine. They have to research on the emerging trends related to the the field and work onboard for managing the future of the business.



  • Computer & Information Research Scientists:

                                                                                     Students who are capable of inventing new ideas by exploring the different pages of the world wide web to solve any problems related to computers situated worldwide, should choose CIRS as their career line. You may have to meet with new challenges on the way before hand itself to analyze and approach the way technologies are implemented. However companies are hiring for candidates having a Ph.D degree but at present they are also showing way for bachelors having good tactics. This designation won’t find a grave until the computers are dead.

  • Software Engineer:

                                           Wherever a need for development is required, without doubt coding specialists are mandatory to rise the application. Technologies are on the way to the top and software engineers have to develop and implement the task within the speculated time. Whether it is a web based application like cloud or a simple software using different platforms, these employees are having great demand in the field. With advancement to electronic data processing system, it will fuel opportunities for system software engineers too.

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  • Video Game Designer:

                                                 Many of us used to play video games and among that many are crazy about it, whatever the age may be. Aiming at them, this multi dollar  industry has created a designation for designing videogames in personal computer, tablet or mobile. Mobile dominance has also become fortunate for game artists, designers and programmers to work on multiple platforms. This sphere has tripled the size since last decade and cant see a sign of slowing down in the future too.

  • Network Architect:

                                         Network professionals are responsible for providing end to end connection between two systems, group of systems in an organisation or 2 or more businesses. A bachelor degree is the desired qualification for this post and candidates having certifications from a reputed institute can easily get into it. Studies says that there are about 20900  vacant opportunities left open to the aspirants in this field by 2022. They may have to be proficient in terms like MAN, WAN and being the most basic, the LAN.  

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