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Are you a graduate or a post graduate, but still got no job? It is so embarrassing to tell this to your relatives, friends or parents while other students of the batch got placed in a reputed company right. Have you ever thought of why you couldn’t get through? or is it because of the lack of technical knowledge? May be right, but their are job seekers who are not able to get through even if they have full potential in the practicals. After scoring well in the written test, a process still remains where most of you are failing to succeed – “The Interview”.

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In simple words an interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer and the candidate has to fulfill them providing relevant answers. One of the reasons why this process is carried out to test the capacity of the candidate and to check whether he/she is  fit to join the organisation.

“Failure is the stepping stone to success”, a proverb most commonly heard by a person when he or she remains unsuccessful in achieving something. This is also applicable in interviews too but you must learn from a failure and act accordingly to avoid it from happening again. We are listing out some of the tips and tricks so that the repeated downfall during an interview can be avoided.

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  • Give a deep breath before starting an interview. This can be done quite unnoticeably. Note to avoid making any snoring sound. Breathing can be used as an awesome tool to drive away excess tension and become comfortable with a relaxed mind. This itself can help regain the thoughts.
  • Be yourself during the entire process. Express what you know and do not try to be clever or oversmart, trying to pose unwanted or irrelevant statements to the interviewer. He is an expert in the field and will be able to judge the reality from the words thrown by the candidate.
  • Have you heard about power posing? Well everyone will be having their own style while standing in public, but it need not work well for an interview. Research proved that power posing helps in boosting the confidence level even if you doesn’t feel self assured with the situation.
  • Candidate sitting in front of the interviewer must keep an eye contact with him/  her. They analyze the confidence level of the interviewee by frequently noticing whether he is maintaining it throughout the process. It doesn’t mean you have to stare at his eyes till the end but remember to come back to same position quickly.
  • Arrange the documents in a file in a proper manner. Just get what is required for the interview. Most of the companies checks for some relevant documents like curiculum vitae, educational certificates and experience certificates, if applicable. Pre planned work can avoid pulling out of the files in front of the interviewer.
  • Go prepared for answering any kind of questions, the interviewer shoots at you. Eventhough its impossible to brush up everything, try your level best. Search for the basic company details from their website. This the place where the technical knowledge of the person is analyzed by the examiner.
  • Dress well and stay attractive. Physical preparation for the interview in front of the mirror will take a bit of time. Remember to tuck in the shirts, wear a tie,   ensure that the shoes and clothes are tidy without any folds or marks. A good looking personality will receive a position ahead of the other’s.
  • Most of the communication that happen inside the hall will be non verbal. Sit straight on the chair avoiding any leaning position. Do not imitate any actions with your hands or legs during the interview which symbolises the nervousness imparted and gives a bad impression on the candidate.
  • Think positively for every kind of negative questions asked to you. Some interviewers may ask some hard questions intentionally, which obviously become non answerable to the candidates. The intent of the examiner here is to know how you will react to the particular situation. So stay calm and tensionless.
  • One of the main flaws on every interviewees side is being unaware of what is written in the curriculum vitae. Include genuine information in the page and don’t forget to read it once before attending the process so that you won’t get startled when they ask something from inside.
  • Be on time for the interview. They may examine the punctuality of the candidate. Make sure to arrange for whatever is needed for the process at least 2 days before so the hurry burry at the last minute can be avoided. If travelling is required to reach the spot, catch the transport a bit earlier than usual.
  • Speak like a professional even if you’re lagging in verbal communication. Some candidates fail to showcase his full potential during the interview. Avoid being nervous because of an error in the speaking section. Remember that the person on the opposite side is also a human being and may make mistakes at times. So give your best bet and stay confident.
  • Sleep well during the night following the interview. A good night sleep is essential to retrieve the information properly from the brain. A person not having enough of it will feel tired and is understandable to the observer in the first sight itself. After a good doze bath in the morning and go with a fresh mind.

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