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Software development is an effective tool for providing efficient solutions and enhancing productivity in an ever-evolving digital landscape, and software testing is an essential element of it. The software testing process helps in identifying and fixing errors in software and thus ensures the quality of software before it reaches the customers. With the emergence of AI-powered tools the importance of software testing has increased multifold.

Software Testing Course in Thrissur-ATEES Industrial Training


As the relevance of software testing as a profession is increasing, the courses for this career are also in huge demand. You can find the best Software Testing Course in Kerala in ATEES Industrial training. The comprehensive Software Testing Course here will provide you with an immersive learning experience and guaranteed placement.

Relevance of Software Testing

Software testing is a crucial step in the software development process to ensure a reliable, defect-free, user-friendly product. It is essential for the applications to undergo testing several times before it reaches the end user. It helps us with:

Relevance of Software Testing- AIT


The product should undergo multiple software testing to meet the desired standards and align with the customer’s requirements. Testing will ensure the standards of quality of the product. Continuous testing can help in bridging the gap between the developers and QA resulting in a defect-free, quality product.


Software Testing can help in detecting potential risks and vulnerabilities of the product. With proper testing issues like data breaches can be avoided. It ensures that users receive a reliable product.

Easy to integrate new features

Testing at proper intervals will make it easy to check the flexibility of the code to add new features.

Performance of Software

Testing can be really helpful to assess the performance of the software. A low performance might seem innocuous when compared with other factors; however, it can impact your user base.

Customer Satisfaction

With a terrible user experience, you are bound to lose customers. They will switch to other applications in no time. As numerous applications are available in the market, it is important to test the product beforehand and deliver the most user-friendly product to gain long-term benefits.

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If testing is done at earlier stages it can help to do away with a lot of complications. Testing can help in detecting vulnerabilities and finding remedial courses of action before it causes a waste of a lot of money and time.

Types of Software Testing Courses in Kerala

From Beginner to Advanced levels, there are different types of Software testing courses available in Kerala. If you are interested in software testing and have no technical knowledge of it, beginner-level courses will suit you.  Beginner-level courses provide you with a basic foundation for software testing. It includes software testing life cycles, test planning, test case design, and defect tracking.

software testing courses in Thrissur, Kerala-AIT 1

Experienced testers can opt for Advanced Software testing courses that dive deep into topics such as automation testing, security testing, performance testing, and usability testing. And if you want to get certified in specific areas of software testing, there are plenty of Software testing courses in Kerala that provide you with Software testing certifications.

Skills You Will Learn in Software Testing Courses

Different software testing courses in Kerala will equip you with different sets of technical skills. The most common skills you can learn through such courses include:

  • Software Testing Principles: Courses will help you gain knowledge and expertise in various software testing principles.

software testing courses in Thrissur, Kerala-AIT 1

  • Test planning and case design: Courses will enable you to plan and design test cases.
  • Automation Testing: Enrolling yourself in courses will help you to learn automation software testing which saves time and money.
  • Security Testing: You will learn how to identify vulnerabilities and risks of software applications.
  • Usability Testing: By learning usability testing you can measure the consumer experience of software applications.
  • Performance Testing: You can enhance your skills by learning performance testing which helps in detecting the stability, speed, and scalability of the product.

software testing courses in Thrissur, Kerala-AIT 1

  • Defect Tracking: You will learn to identify, log, and monitor defects found during testing.

What to Look for When Choosing a Top Testing Course in Kerala

Though there is no dearth of courses for software testing, only by choosing the suitable course you can achieve desired results. The course should save you precious time, and efforts should manifest in outcomes. Below are a few points that need to be taken into consideration while selecting a Top Testing Course in Kerala:

software testing courses in Thrissur, Kerala-AIT 1

  • A Comprehensive Course: Ensure the course includes all the relevant topics, skills, and languages which will help in landing you in your dream job.
  • The Instructor: Choose a course with an experienced instructor who can guide you at every stage of testing.
  • Affordability: Make sure the course charges reasonable fees.

Why ATEES offers the best Software Testing Training in Thrissur

The software testing course provided by ATEES Industrial Training will pique your interest and enhance your skills to make you a perfect fit for a software tester role. ATEES provides a course that fulfills your requirements and meets your expectations. For students in Thrissur who aim to land in the software industry as a software tester, ATEES would be their natural choice.

Testing Classes in Thrissur-AIT

In ATEES, you can find the best Software Testing Training in Thrissur. The course comes with a 100% job-oriented syllabus. Highly trained faculties and well-equipped lab facilities help to create a better learning experience. Hands-on experience with live projects fills the students with the confidence to pursue their careers in big MNCs with a good salary package. 

With small batches, ATEES can assure more personalized attention and improved learning outcomes. The course comes with an affordable fee, which will also assist you in interview preparation and resume building.

The software testing course at ATEES helps you strengthen your automation and manual testing skills. The course comes with 17 modules that cover Advanced techniques in manual testing, Automation testing, and quality analyzing which will make you a master in this field.

If you want to learn about software testing and build a career in it look no beyond ATEES.

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