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Nobody wants to be an “also ran”. Everybody wants to be sought after ,unique and I am not talking about the higher things of life, but something as mundane as a job. Life is full of choices, more so for a programmer ,for whom stability and security comes only with rapid , proactive change. (Refer: PHP course training Thrissur, Java course training Thrissur)

A comprehensive knowledge of all kinds of software is not enough. Specialist knowledge only can make you a cut above the rest. Expertise in a particular kind of software will make you attractive to developers who are looking for that one person who really can find the needle in the haystack.

For a web development programmer , for whom new styles of coding is the only constant style, an overall knowledge is not enough. Narrowing further, if you are standing in front of your local computer training centre trying to decide whether to go for the PHP course or the Java course here are a few tips.

Where do u want to go after your PHP training or Java training is a question which already must be having some vague , unsure answers in your mind. You must be already thinking of being guided in your baby steps for a blooming career by an experienced senior in a software firm, whose name will automatically raise your prospects in the matrimonial market, or you must be thinking of rebelling and joining a start up and experience the complete adrenalin rush of being on your own, less funds but total freedom. What ever you choose you would like maximum return on investment like a good street smart businessman. Specialist software courses which will help you hold your own in a big firm or help steer your start up into a success with the cash crunch all start ups usually face or one which will finally keep you in demand always are what you need.

One All                                                                               

An established, successful web programmer must have dealt with this question “Which is better PHP or Java “ a number of times by the newbie who wants to taste success and make the right choices with the backing of expert advice. But it is not easy to answer this tricky question. “One size fits all”, If this was true in real life how easy things would have been, this blog would never have to be written.

The same goes for PHP and Java. Though the advocates of each can vociferously argue in support of their pet software to the extent that you assume that both these languages have the same structure.

But that is not the truth. They operate differently , and we can determine to what task each one fits by working backwards, the larger aim and context of the task should be kept in mind so that the programmer can decide which is the best fit.

One of the basic differences in structure is that Java is backed by a compiler and needs precise statements to function flawlessly.The expression of inputs and outputs should be strictly adhered to. If these exact requirements are not met with, the program will not run because the compiler will fail and the errors have to be resolved if the program has to run again.

PHP on the other hand is against rigidity. It is more street smart in getting the tasks done and thereby beginners find it attractive because it does not rely on formal knowledge for its success. However its lack of predetermined standards complicates tasks that use object oriented programming concepts.

When professional developers are involved and also if the task is complicated , Java is a good choice. Because the standards are universal and inflexible there is no confusion among teams in understanding and efficiently executing the program. In contrast, even a beginner can get hands on training in PHP because it is easily available. Simple tasks which have to be executed by small teams will prefer PHP because it is economical and agile, if they have already agreed upon some coding standards. Usually web sites of small businesses or if the web product is such that it allows users to access and update the code say in the case of blog creation software, PHP will be the preferred choice.

Big businesses usually pefer working with Java because it is understood to be secure and though this is not a fool proof belief of programmers because security lapses have been found,PHP has nothing on its side to support its secure state.So as long as PHP has nothing to say for itself, big enterprises will still prefer Java. Java is able to incorporate object oriented concepts comfortably because of its rigid programming standards but the same

cannot be said for PHP. Its Laissez faire style of programming itself is its bane. Reworking and additional scripting can make the tasks a nagging headache.

PHP is said to be economical because it is free of cost and available virtually anywhere. It can be accessed and used by anyone, thereby making it attractive for the newbie programmer. It is platform independent and this universality is very attractive for operations on a large scale that has to work on any kind of system. Coding is done on the serverside and dynamically viewed by the user, thereby ensuring that the user can see the code wherever they are.

On the other hand the rigidity of Java works well for large teams working on complex modules because one can pick up and run along with the previous coder without any difficulty .It might lead to major hiccups in the case of PHP, in the same situation.

The needs of the internet user is vast and there is space for all kinds of web programmers in that varied space. You can be indispensable to both the banker and the student. Java is suited for enterprise application programming namely Online banking ,Online trading etc. PHP is more for front end web programming namely an online reservation system or an online shopping cart. In jobs which involve IT product development or IT services , proficiency in Java is preferred and there are avenues for career growth. But in areas where time and money is short and simple tasks have to be accomplished given these handicaps, PHP is preferred.


To the programmer who is eyeing a lucrative job , the tools used for coding are secondary. The primary knowledge he has to garner are a complete understanding of coding principles such that he is in a position to tackle any new programming language. Once he has the principles in place, learning any language will not be a difficult task for him. To be one up on the others and to keep your uniqueness in place, you have to keep adapting yourself consistently. You cannot brand yourself as a PHP or a Java programmer, there will be many more coming in and you have to learn them all and see which language is the best fit for the task at hand. Finding the right fit and doing a good job at it will make you sought after by companies in need of verasatile , dynamic programmers instead of the other way around.

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