No. Available Topics Action
1 Angular and the Trending Frameworks of Mobile and Web-based Platform Technologies-( A Comparative Analysis- Angular; mobile and web-based applications; frontend; JavaScript frameworks ) Download Abstract
2 Image Quality Evaluation in Professional HDRWCG Production Questions the Need for HDR Metrics - (High dynamic range (HDR),wide color gamut (WCG),objective quality metric,image coding,visual perception) Download Abstract
3 In-Memory Associative Processors Tutorial, Potential, and Challenges -( Associative Processors) Download Abstract
4 Outage Constrained Robust Beamforming Optimization for Multiuser IRS-Assisted Anti-Jamming Communications With Incomplete Information–(Jamming,Array signal processing,Quality of service,Internet of Things,Uncertainty,Signal to noise ratio,Reliability) Download Abstract
5 A Parking Sharing Network Over Blockchain With Proof-of-Planned-Behavior Consensus Protocol -(Smart contracts,Consensus protocol,Peer-to-peer computing,Computer architecture,Industries,Vehicle dynamics) Download Abstract
6 Downlink Power Allocation in Massive MIMO via Deep Learning Adversarial Attacks and Training (Adversarial attacks, adversarial training, blackbox attack, deep neural networks, massive MIMO, regression, white-box attack) Download Abstract
7 EBug Tracker – Bug Tracking System Project-(Node.js, Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP,) Download Abstract
8 MULTIPLE ANGULAR FORCE GENERATOR -(MySQL or PostgreSQL, or a NoSQL database, such as MongoDB or Cassandra.) Download Abstract
9 Traffic-Aware Horizontal Pod Autoscaler in Kubernetes-Based Edge Computing Infrastructure - (Kubernetes, horizontal pod autoscaler, network-aware resource provisioning, IoT) Download Abstract
10 Analysis of Blockchain Solutions for E-Voting A Systematic Literature Review -(Blockchain, Ethereum, Decentralized, Digitalizing) Download Abstract
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