No. Available Topics Action
1 Machine learning application in wine quality prediction (ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
2 Skeleton Based Abnormal Pedestrian Behaviour Recognition Using Spatio-Temporal Convolution and Attention-Based LSTM(ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
3 Intelligent Forecasting of Air Quality and Pollution Prediction Using Machine Learning and Arima model(ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
4 A Real-time Forecast of Tunnel Fire Based on Numerical Database and Artificial Intelligence (ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
5 The Emergence and Future of Public Health With Data Science(ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
6 Prediction of the Age and Gender using machine learning and data science (ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
7 Road Lane-Lines Detection in Real-Time for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
8 Supporting Responsible Data and Algorithmic Practices in The News Media By Using Machine Learning And Python(ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
9 Predicting Bank Loan Eligibility Using Machine Learning Models and Comparison Analysis (ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
10 Smart Weather Prediction Using Machine Learning(ML+Python+DB Sqlite) Download Abstract
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