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Create Web sites that are functional & well designed
Responsive Websites
JavaScript & JQuery Basic

Who You Can Become?

Web Designer & Web Developer
Team Leader / Entrepreneur

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About The Course

Web Development refers to building, creating and maintaining websites. Apart from these, this exclusive training program includes aspects Web & Graphic designing, PHP, Web Hosting and Digital Marketing. This package covers all areas of technical knowledge required for a professional in IT firm. Rather than being experienced in one field, you can expertise yourself in all Web Development practices.
The Web Development Training is a 1 year long job oriented program. Students will be responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites. Our experienced and qualified professionals will assist him/her in all levels of theoretical and practical training. We offer deep expertise and hands-on experience in with Web Applications and programming languages. Apart from various technical aspects included in this training program, students can also get in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing strategies which is necessary in today's market for getting potential leads who will turn into valuable customers.

Areas to be Covered

• Web & Graphic Designing
• Web Hosting
• Digital Marketing


• 100% job oriented.
• Hands-on experience in live projects.
• Training by well experienced developers.
• Expertise in various areas rather than one topic.

Web & Graphic Designing

Web & Graphic Designing, a term coined for all learners to develop and experience the feel of designs. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a Web & Graphic Designer.

Advanced Concepts In Web & Graphic Designing

• Adobe Photoshop: Image, Color basics, Image adjustment, Repair & restoration, Digital painting
• Adobe Illustrator: Creating logo, Illustrator
• Adobe Indesign: Layout and Design, Typography
• Adobe Dreamweaver: Linking & Navigation
• Adobe Photoshop: Image, Color basics, Image adjustment, Repair & restoration
• CSS3
• Bootstrap 3


• Enter a field of growing industry
• Getting job in reputed companies
• High income career

PHP Programming Language

PHP, a script language designed for Web Development and also used as a general purpose programming language, widely used by developers for building dynamic websites.

Advanced Concepts In PHP

• Java Script
• Core PHP
• Framework: Codeigniter


• PHP is easy to get started with.
• User friendly language, hence ease of coding
• Widely used, hence increased chances of getting hired.
• Most wanted skill in an IT firm
• Easily create websites

Web Hosting

Web Hosting, a type of service to make the website available to the public via Internet. The web pages can be stored on a web server and then hosted which will be accessible by all.

Concepts In Web Hosting

• Types of web server
• Domain Name Registration
• DNS Management
• Website upload- FTP Accounts
• Webmail


• We can upload our own websites.
• Save Money
• Enhanced security
• Get hired and self employed

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, a technique of interactive marketing of brands to receive potential leads into valuable customers using digital technologies. Digital Marketing has profound impact on sales, without which a business is difficult to thrive.

Concepts In Digital Marketing

• Concepts of SEO, SEM, etc.
• Web Marketing
• Sitemap creation
• Robots.txt creation
• URL structure, etc.


• Most effective marketing strategy
• Connect with customers worldwide
• Save money
• Generate high revenue
• Get employed in e-commerce, IT & all product and services related business firms.

Who Should Go For This Course?

Job oriented course is perfect platform to acquire job after the studies, our job oriented software courses are indented to ongoing students and students who completed their higher secondary course, Graduation or Post Graduation. Course duration will be three months after the course interested students can do a nine month internship in the company, after successfully completing the internship company will give one year experience certificate.

Drop Us a Message:
Duration for the course is 1 year.
Unlimited projects
Students can access project materials such as source code, presentations, data sheets for lifetime, before and after project completion.
Feel free to contact us 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to clarify your doubts and queries on demand before and after the course study.
Ours is a multinational company and our certificates are valid worldwide because of that certificates are awarded to the students strictly based on performance.
Well qualified trainers with vast experience in their respective field of study are always available to support the students and assist them to do projects and courses.

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