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Ever dreamed of mastering several fields at one go? You may have but time is not always generous to us in our lives. Even if you did take the initiative to pursue your dream, you would have to sit for a long period just to become the best at one of those fields.

You may not even be all that patient in the first place which isn’t a bad thing? You just want to get in the field that desperately, don’t you?

Well, you can get the opportunity of a lifetime! AIT is now offering students the opportunity to not just study something in particular but to literally master a specific field in the shortest period of time.
Sounds good?

Check out the list of combo courses AIT has to offer –

android developer course

Android + Web Development + Server + Security


One of the most popular operating systems in today’s world, Android ranks as the No 1 leader in the global smartphone market and offers amazing opportunities for Android Developers. While it is mainly installed in smartphones, it is also used in other kinds of smart devices like TVs and watches.

Take up an android developer course where our trainers will provide you with all the basic information regarding Android.

Web Development + Security & Server

In web development, students will be trained to develop client-server applications that connect Android apps to the required web services while also learning about restful web services, web API development, database manipulations and more.

The security program guides students to explore different kinds of threats and security issues faced by a developer along with the knowledge on how to secure their mobile and web applications.

Students will also be given detailed information about domains while also learning how they can register their own domain. Learning this would enable students to host apps by themselves. You will be able to create and design your very own Android apps.
What are the benefits of an Android Development course?

  • Make an Interactive User Interface
  • Utilise attractive features/ functionality in their apps
  • Develop customised web browsers & media players
  • Use built-in widgets and components

Web & Graphic Designing + Web Development + Security & Server

Web & Graphic Designing

Our web design course trainers will teach students how to create a professional responsive website, Ad design, graphics for print media, 2D & 3D animations and much more.

android developer course

Web Development + Security & Server

Web Development classes will include teaching students how to connect websites to databases that contain all the files that are required for the website and its applications to function.

Security classes will involve training students on how to keep their websites safe from hackers and also how they can rid of vulnerabilities and malware. In server, students will learn how to register a domain, point it to a server and also host their website successfully.

What are the benefits of a Web Design course?

  • Develop web sites that are functional & well designed
  • Consistent Brand Identity
  • Learn the basics of JavaScript & JQuery Basic
  • Responsive Websites

 iOS + Web Development + Security & Server


Known to be the most popular throughout the world, iOS can now offer students exciting careers with the added benefit of offering high salary jobs. The iOS training classes include teaching students how to build their own apps and selling them on the App Store.

Web Development + Security & Server

Web Development classes will feature students learning how to develop a solid backend for an app to enable file storage and sharing, location services, social network integration, user management, push notifications etc.

Security classes will involve teaching students how to protect their apps from malicious attacks and also simultaneously ensuring data security. For servers, students will be given information on how to set up and maintain services while also learning how to make their apps go live.

Benefits of an iOS course?

  • Learn the basics of iOS
  • Get amazing jobs in the industry
  • Communications can now be done easily

Digital marketing + Software testing + Security & Server

android developer course

Digital marketing

Students will learn how to optimise a website in such a way that it appears on the top of rankings in the most relevant internet searches. Additional things will be taught like gaining expertise in on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Check out AIT’s digital marketing courses in Thrissur.

Software Testing + Security & Server

Software Testing classes includes training students on how to find and remove bugs in software and also testing URLs for search engine visibility.

Classes for security will include teaching students how to secure their website or web application using SSI. Students will learn the following in servers –

  • Learn to host a website after testing
  • Install WordPress blogs
  • Verify site ownership for Google
  • Implement www resolve and much more

Benefits of a digital marketing course?

  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Find a permanent ranking in your search engine
  • Create a suitable way for customers to reach your products & services
  • Generate an income through affiliate marketing & blogging
  • Make a higher return on investment

Ethical hacking + Network security + iOT

Ethical Hacking

Students will be trained to utilize hacking tools and techniques to evaluate the security structure of a given IT network or system. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be given tests to scan, test, hack and secure the organisation’s IT systems.

android developer course

They will also be provided hands-on-training in penetration testing and other testing methodologies to ensure the security of an organisation’s information systems.If interested join AIT’S ethical hacking course in Thrissur.

Network security

Students will examine the various areas of network security including intruder detection, evidence collection and defence against cyber attacks.

They will also learn the principles and concepts of wireless data network security trying out different tools for securing data networks like filters, applications & encryption.


Students will get the chance to work on Raspberry Pi, Sense HAt and also get hands-on experience with Alexa Voice and Azure IoT Hub. T

The training will also cover topics like iOT frameworks, iOT Ecosystem, Networking Protocols and Application Layer protocols.

By taking up demo tests and case studies, students will be able to learn the different fields of iOT technology.

      Data science + Machine learning + Artificial intelligence

android developer course

  Data science

In the Data Science program, students will cover all the topics of Data Science that includes – statistics, tools and business knowledge.

The Data Science training will include teaching them all the basic steps in the process like

  • Data Integration
  • Data Collection
  • Data Mining
  • Linear Regression
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Predictive & machine learning models.

Students will also be given an introduction in Python, Pandas, Matplot Lib, seaborn library and an introduction to SciPY & SKLearn Libraries. To learn about the best data science courses book your seats in AIT today.

  Machine learning

Machine Learning course focuses on developing systems to utilise and learn from large sets of data Students will be trained in the fields of predictive algorithms, natural language processing and statistical pattern recognition.

  Artificial intelligence

The course is designed to teach students to explore the world of artificial intelligence by providing in-depth knowledge about AI concepts and workflows, machine learning and deep learning.

Other topics include the difference between supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning. Practical tasks will also be given to students.

If you’re interested to learn these courses, book your seats and join the AIT combo course programme immediately. Also, check out AIT’s trending course package to learn some of the most trending courses of today.

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