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Android is here to stay. Despite some other operating systems like Apple iOS and Symbian making their way into modern phones, Android based smartphones still rule the market – Android Development Training In Thrissur.

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It is a wonderful time to become an Android developer. Newer apps are being produced every day, and there is high demand for developers. Everything from interactive games to media players are created by Android developers. With millions of Android users worldwide, the job opportunities are limitless.

Our mission at AIT is to provide the student all necessary skills to get started on Android development and make creative apps on their own.

Some of the main requirements for getting started on Android development are as follows:

1. Familiar with Java: You must have a well-rounded knowledge of the basic syntax and programming structures of Java, if not an in-depth knowledge of the latest version of this language.

java course in thrissur

2. The Android SDK: Luckily, the code for Android Development is open source (available for download free of charge). The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Android Studio give you all necessary tools for creating apps for Android.


3. XML/JSON: Programmers use XML to describe data. It will serve you good to be grounded in the basics of the markup language.

android development course in thrissur

Our comprehensive course package for Android covers all the salient features to make you a well-rounded Android developer. We combine theory and practice sessions to give you the real-life experience of programming for Android. Upon completion of course, you can immediately start making your own personal apps, and get placed in top IT companies for a lucrative career in Android development.

Sign up today for our  Android Development Course in Thrissur. Get ahead in life.

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