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You want to learn about a particular technology, that’s good. But the real question is what is it that you want to learn about?. It is better to learn an online python programming course if your decision is crystal clear. But not everyone can make a fast decision.

With newer and innovative technologies being introduced in the IT sector, we will have doubts.  Many well-known programming languages help you to build well-coded software that leads to a great company. However, one of the most popular technologies is python programming and if you are a beginner, then Python is the best language to start with because of its advantages

Python programming language

Reasons to learn the Python programming language


In the IT sector, open-source products and technologies are the ones that everyone prefers and make alterations. Android, Linux, etc are such examples.

Python is an open-source language. It is compatible with almost any computer architecture which makes it a highly dependent language like Java. Using Python programming language doesn’t need a particular subscription or a custom-built platform either, thus any desktop and laptop are compatible with Python.

All the tools that are necessary for python coding, the supporting means, modules, and libraries are free. You can download the essential IDEs such as PTVS, Pydev with eclipse spyder python for free. Reduced costs are always beneficial to businesses.


Being a free platform, almost every company uses it. Companies that are in the nascent stage can use the python platform and begin their operations with cost-effective software. The ability to develop applications and software quickly makes it ideal for startups. They can stay in the competition by leveraging the speed of the python language.

Used by reputed organizations

many leading IT companies like Google, Spotify, Instagram, and Dropbox uses python. Even NASA, Electronic Arts, and Disney have migrated to the Python environment for running their business.

Trending Language

As per the TIOBE index for the month of October 2020, Python is ranked at no.3 with a rating of 11.28%. This shows the popularity and demand for Python. If it continues at this rate, within 3-4 years, python could outrank Java and C++ to become the no.1 programming language in the world.

Python programming language

What makes python the preferred language

The reason is pretty simple. Even though Java, C++, etc remains popular, these languages need significant coding. This can be troublesome for beginners. For example, if a particular program requires 7 lines in C++, it requires only 3 lines in Python.

Needing fewer codes results in less space, time, faster execution, and improved performance. Python is one of the trending IT courses in the current scenario, thus, it is a good idea if you get certified in Python. Enrolling at a reputed training institute can help you get certification with ease.

Where to learn?

If you are an absolute beginner and want to learn about Python, it is wise to get the right python course training from Atees Industrial Training (AIT). The benefits of getting trained from here are that you get a better understanding of the topic and apply the skills correctly in your preferred career field.

When it comes to choosing the best software training institute in Thrissur, we are the best among the others. Our aim is to provide training which involves both theoretical and practical sessions. To make things easier, our courses are available in four different categories. They are Basic, Advanced, Combo & Customized. We recommend going for the combo category because at a fixed price you can learn more than 2 courses along with your chosen course. 

Apart from providing training in Python, we also offer extensive training for other IT courses. After successful course completion, we provide you with a completion certificate. We also offer you the chance to do an internship with us. This helps you get professional work experience.

If you are ready to dive into the world of Python development, come to AIT and make your dream possible by getting the best certification and training.