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If you are considering working in the cyber security industry, this will be the right place for you. The training program in ethical hacking from the best providers of computer courses in Thrissur will benefit you greatly. Learn how to protect users from cyber attackers by becoming an ethical hacker and learn how to exploit networks yourself. Become a certified ethical hacker and secure the title of professional hacker ranging from security consultant, ethical hacker, penetration tester, information security analyst, cyber security analyst, security engineer, security analysis, data security engineer, information security manager, digital forensics analyst, site administrator etc..through the project training in Thrissur.

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Certificate in ethical hacking is a professional qualification secured through exhibiting the capability of securing a computer system from vulnerabilities as in the same way a malicious hacker is mastered, but in a lawful manner. The term ethics signifies the moral principles a person should follow in his behaviour.

In this global world, which is networked with a lot of strings is prone to many complications. Anyone can poke into anything around the world and this situation suspects to a doubtful environment. Nothing is safe and free from hacking. Hacking generally indicates unauthorized access into a computer or a network. The person engaged in such activities with an unethical motive is known as a hacker. This hacker may alter the complete system or security features to accomplish a goal that differs from the original purpose of the system. The basic motives for hacking may be for making some financial gain, thrive for increasing self-reputation, unethical access of third party information, or state-sponsored attacks. The main categories of hacking are Web application hacking , Networking hacking, Mobile hacking, Satellite hacking, Hardware hacking, and Human hacking (Social Engineering). The different categories are evolved from the various streams hacker chooses to attack.

Different kinds of hacking involve :

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1. Bait and switch – An attacker can buy advertising spaces on the websites, when users click on the ad, they might get directed to a page that’s infected with malware. Further they can install a malware or adware on the user’s computer.

2. Cookie Theft – Cookie is a file that a web browser stores on user’s computer for further authentication, keeping website preferences, or other browsing information.If the hacker once gets the access to such cookies, he can even authenticate himself on a browser.

3. Clickjacking attacks – The attacker hijacks the clicks of the victim that aren’t meant by the user for the exact page, but to a page where the hacker wants you to be. It works by making an internet user to perform an undesired action by clicking on the hidden link.

4. Virus, Trojan etc. – These are malicious software programs intended to get into a computer, replicates itself and keep sending user’s information to the attacker.

5. Phishing – The fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive private information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication is termed as phishing.

6. Eavesdropping attack – This is a passive attack intended to access information which is transmitted by different devices through a network.

7. Fake WAP – Hacker uses simple software and wireless network to pretend like a legitimate wireless access point and starts spying on the user.

8. Denial of Service – A hacking technique through which a site or server may be flooded with a lot of traffic that the server is unable to process all the requests passed by the client in the real-time finally crashes down.

9. Keylogger- A simple software that keeps the records of all key sequence and strokes of user keyboard into a log file on the machine. These log files might even contain sensitive data like personal email IDs and passwords. Also referred to as keyboard capturing, it can be either in the mode of software or hardware.

An ethical hacker works with the complete knowledge and permission from the organization for which they are trying to defend. In some cases, the organization will neglect to inform their information security team of the activities that will be carried out by an ethical hacker in order to attempt a test that release report on the effectiveness of the information security team. An ethical hacker must be well informed about the company assets that should be protected, potential threat sources, and the extent to which the organization will support an ethical hacker’s efforts.

There will be a clearly defined and strict process to hack ethically in a lawful manner. The stage starts with :

1. Planning – For the successful completion of every project planning is essential. It gives an opportunity to decide in advance the key questions to start with including what, where, and why to be done.

2. Reconnaissance – Traversal of data to search for the available content is known as reconnaissance. Collection of useful information for the purpose of the evaluation is done in this phase.

3. Vulnerability Analysis – The collected information is compared with known vulnerabilities in a practical process in the most logical approach is employed for analysing data.

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4. Exploitation – The decided form of attack is divided into different subsets in this stage to distinguish any diversions from the plan. For this purpose results are to be compared with the expectations and proper reactions are engaged for unexpected manner of working.

5. Final analysis – A comprehensive view of the entire plan is made to check the whole process is done in the final analysis.

6. Deliverables – A long detail report of the result is communicated by the ethical hacker in numerous ways.

7. Integration – The deliverable is integrated with the existing materials, such as a risk analysis, security policy of the system, previous test results, and information associated with a security program to enhance and develop remedies.

Our experienced trainers will provide you with the live project training in Thrissur concerning every credential governing the lawful hacking to make you a technical expert in this area.

Benefits of being a certified ethical hacker

Surveys say that the worldwide demand for information security professionals stands at peak level and companies such as Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Airtel and Reliance are always looking for good ethical hackers. A certified ethical hacker is an ethical hacker who has successfully secured the certification provided by the EC-Council. An ethical hacker is required to have a vast arrangement of varied computer skills. It is not feasible for each ethical hacker to be an expert is every different field of skills and thus an ethical hacking team whose members have complementing skills are created on a specific pattern to provide an organization with a team possessing the complete skill set required for an ethical hacker.

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The CEH course gives “white hat” IT professionals a sight into the mindset of a typical unethical hacker. By learning the malicious hacker mindset, you will be able to take a more proactive approach towards the same and see beyond current vulnerabilities in security tools and policies of the system to know where and how an attacker might try to gain access to your network for their self-motive.

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