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Digital marketing is the newest marketing concept and one of the mainstream marketing strategies business worlds is following now. Business uses digital sources such as social media platforms, websites contents, emails and blogs to connect with potential customers. Internet usage of the world has increased in the last decade, mainly after the mobile revolution which invoked the possibility of marketing through digital space. Hence, digital marketing started its dream journey and now it’s ruling the current marketing field.

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As the scope of digital marketing and its scope are increasing day by day. In order to fit into the most relevant contents in social media and other digital media, digital marketing formed as a service where it provides digital marketing service in order to build and promote the product contents to reach the product visibility to all possible potential customers. There are several aspects and several professionals in digital marketing which need to fulfill the smooth running of digital marketing services. Here are the details about the roles defined in a digital marketing company.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is responsible for long-term strategies, conducting promotional campaigns and responsible for revenue and will be leading the whole team from the front. This is more convenient for a business minded person who can become a master in strategy making. If you are one of them who can become a digital marketing manager, join Digital marketing training in Kerala to build your career.

Social Media Manager

Social media manager who is handling the social media accounts and conducting social media events and online campaigns to build a brand of the concerned company. He will be handling all the social media accounts on behalf of the brand and will post the content to boost the brand across social media. A social person with great observation can fit rightly to this position.

Digital marketing course in Thrissur

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers create visual themes and images for brand creation and online promotions. The apt person for this job would be someone with a creative eye, perfection seeker in nature and creative individual. All the graphic designing aspirants can now learn this creative field by joining the Graphic designing training in Kerala

Content Manager

Content Manager is responsible for all the content used for digital marketing strategies. This role represents the voice of the brand and provides engaging contents for all promotional works. Although there is no way you can learn content writing from an institute since writing is an inbound talent, you can upgrade your skill by learning SEO courses in Kerala.

Email Marketing Manager

Email Marketing Manager role is to create templates, campaigns and measure performance for the email marketing channels. A strategy maker and high communication skills along with communication level.

Advantages of being a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is one of the streamlined marketing concepts yet relatively new in existence. However, the popularity of digital marketing is increasing day by day. With that, demand for the digital marketing professional is rising since the demand for digital marketing is at high and there are not many skilled professionals around to fulfill the jobs.

Digital marketing provides various job opportunities across the globe. Since Digital marketing is booming in this business world, demand for digital marketing courses is expected to get higher as the time passes on. As we already talking about how demanding this field is now and how demanding it could be in the future, the salary expected for the concerned job are also expected to high as time passes.

Unlike the traditional marketing method where marketing recruitment was based on the specific qualification. Digital marketing provides more innovative and creative job options along with the chance to start your own career as a freelancer or setting up a digital marketing service firm. Digital marketing is more of a creative field where the unique and genuine contents are the only source of gaining user attraction. Employees without having creativity are not going to survive or can able to produce a result in this industry.

What an actual Digital Marketing company does on a daily basis?

Digital marketing service firm concentrates purely on content promotion tactics. The digital marketing manager will be in constant contact with the customer to understand and discuss their marketing strategies. Based on their input and initial plan, the manager will create a plan and will send out the plan to different professionals. Here, the Content manager will create content for the promotional work and graphic designer will be busy with image and theme work. Once content and design club together, social media manager will upload the work to blog or social media and he will start doing social media promotion and campaigns to promote the content. Even though the process looks easy, more creative space should be given to involved employees during the process. This is to ensure the quality and innovative work being produced by the team.

Traits of a Digital Marketer

A professional digital marketer should have many traits to fit into the post of an online marketing agency. Here a few we are listing out.

Like to work in a fast environment

The environment of a digital marketing will have a fast processing environment and everyone expected to finish the work on time due to project timeline issues. Hence one of the traits needed for a digital marketer is to have is a quick thinker and ability to work under pressure situation.

Digital marketing course in Thrissur

Ability to work in collaboration

While you are work in the digital marketing field. One of the most needed traits is to have the right attitude to work with team and ability to collaborate the assignments works with other professionals.


One of the major traits, a digital marketer should have is a level of creativity. At the end of the day, people are only going to take interest in our content when it is unique and engaging. Creativity is must for creating such content. Hence, giving a space for our creative team will increase the quality of the content and uniqueness.

Learning Enthusiasm

Learning is an infinite process which not going to end in our lifetime. The more we learn, wiser we will become. Digital marketing being relatively newbie to many, researches are going on to improve this concept and take it into a new level. Almost all the jobs under digital marketing are subjected to change when anything new is found out which can alter the company process.

Digital marketing is comparatively a new concept, yet used as the mainstream marketing strategy by many leading companies. However, lack of expert professionals in the market opening a lot opportunity to interest students who are more creative and ready to take up the challenge. Although there are institutes where coaching is provided for Digital Marketing, what a student need is something more than just a limited class. Here, Institutes like ATEES offering training on digital marketing, also providing live project work to experience real work of digital marketing. This ensures a deep knowledge in the subject as well as practical experience which can highlight in interviews to keep your chances high for the recruitment. ATEES being the best provider of Digital marketing course in Kerala offers you an experienced faculty to have more discussion and chance to connect all the dots during the live project experience.

Digital marketing course in Thrissur

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