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The word digital marketing has become quite a normal term. Restrictions due to pandemic and the transformation of the world to digitalization have left no options for the companies other than to switch to digital. It’s not an easily adaptable change for sure. But undoubtedly this situation has created an abundance of opportunities for people who desire to kickstart their career in digital marketing.

The term digital marketing implies the various techniques applied to expand the reach of a company aiming at an increase in sales. Recent studies show that a lot of companies are hiring a digital marketing team. This trend will be surely retained for the upcoming years. The transformation of digital marketing from required to unavoidable depicts its importance. ATEES is here to provide you some certification courses in digital marketing and to exploit this opportunity. Our digital marketing training institute comprising expert trainers is committed to meeting your expectations.


                             Before joining our digital marketing training institute, it is always recommended to understand its fruits. As mentioned above digital marketing is an essential flavor for all businesses today. Why? The simple answer is to be on top of the competition and to thrive. The training provided by our experts will make you an asset to the company which hires you. By the completion of the program, you will be introduced to the usage of various tools which can be used to understand the recent trends in the market and how to align accordingly. Digital marketing comes as not a single aspect but as a package. It’s not just mere marketing. It includes understanding the preference of customers and delivering what they really need.


ATEES offers a wide range of digital marketing courses designed for freshers and professionals. Our DIGITAL MARKETING PROFESSIONALS TRAINING program is designed to teach marketing processes used in the industry. The training for this course will be given by highly trained employees. For freshers, we have BEGINNER LEVEL DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING which is capable of making our students completely aware of search engine optimization (SEO) trends and tools. Special attention will be given to cv/interview preparation, error report preparation and seminar. To be on the top of page ranking is a dream for a lot of companies. Through our DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING WITH SEO program, we will sharpen your SEO skills and make you capable of delivering maximum ranking.

                           Along with normal courses, we are providing seminars and workshops which can be really informative sessions for people with very limited knowledge in digital marketing. Through this INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MARKETING program, we are expecting Universities, colleges and working professionals to take advantage. After attending this program, the students will be trained to write for some small apps. ADVANCED DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING program prepared by us is truly a tressure for the professionals to refine their digital marketing skills. This program will cover content marketing, measuring, website optimization, advanced search marketing strategies, advanced social media marketing, advanced analytics and website optimization under one single roof.


If you are planning to embrace a career in digital marketing, ATEES INDUSTRIAL TRAINING will be the perfect destination. We have a group of courses available with a duration of 3 months and 6 months according to the program you are choosing. Along with this 9-month free internship is also available as an option. Our classes are available on both working days and weekends. During the conduction of programs, mock tests, interview questions and answers will be covered. Along with theory class, lab sessions will be also provided which will give an on-hand project exposure to the students. Our courses are oriented for both freshers and the people who are trying to upgrade their knowledge in the field of digital marketing. With our expert trainers and reputation, we are confident in meeting your requirements through our expert digital marketing training and make you a treasure in digital marketing. For more details please contact us today itself and start chasing your career.