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According to the reports, by the end of next two years, India will have the 2nd largest Smartphone market in the world. This trend will reach approx 200 Million by 2016 and approx 650 Million by 2020. This is why all small to big companies such as e-Commerce companies like Myntra are going Mobile App only.

Looking into the insights of mobile app development, India stands one of the biggest consumer and publisher of mobile apps among the various sectors of mobile platforms. This is clearly depicted in “The Rise of India as an App Superpower”, an infographic from Vserv.mobi.


Several factors have led to India’s high ranking across app stores and the growth of the ecosystem:

Rising mobile internet (Average mobile data plan <US$1/GB)

Low rate smartphones (More than 100 smartphone models for <US$100)

Mobile-ready regional content (Cricket, Bollywood, Astrology, Devotional)

It is seen that in India, more and more app developers are coming up and there is a shift from traditional services-based markets. This has been the key underlying factor leading to the growth of India as a major app destination. Did you know that India has the second biggest Android User Group in the world? Another achievement that took place last year is the Guinness World Record created by Microsoft in the long run of the largest app development with more than 2,500 developers at the Windows 8 AppFest which was held at Bangalore, popularly referred to as the Silicon Valley of India.

A number of independent developers and app development studios in the country have been developing mobile apps. This is not only for the requirement of clients (content portals, online services) and brands (companion apps, marketing content), but also as independent products. The developers aim to earn from in-app advertising and paid upgrades as most Indian apps are free. These apps inturn serve as an example of their workflow and hence can help to obtain clients.

Source : http://www.zdnet.com


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