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Google is the one of those top tech giants where any student would wish to land his career into. Becoming an employee in the company is like a dream to desire the deal for the future for anyone, being frank. Being the part of the company has numerous steps to be completed successfully in order to hire as a part of the corporate, namely initial screening, 2 coding tests (for freshers) or telephonic interview (for experienced) and on passing these 3 rounds, the candidate will be called for final on-site interview.

On-site interview is an exhausting process for the candidates, who have to be present for multiple rounds on a single day! Also, they are much more of a concern to a candidate as the process includes challenging tasks to be completed on time with accuracy to really be on the success list. Here we are discussing in detail on how to prepare for Google interviews.

On-Site Interview Process

Usually there are 4 technical rounds of interview on a single day – two in the morning session and the other two in the afternoon. Surprisingly, there exists a lunch interview too during which you can hang out with a Google employee. Notably, this round is not considered for evaluation of marks for the final selection.

Out of the four technical rounds mentioned above, atleast one will be focussed on system designing concepts. A whiteboard will be provided and you are required to write a lot of code based on the interviewers requirements. They generally ask about two questions in a span of 45 minutes for which a solid code should be scripted with great accuracy in order to pass the barrier to reach the next level.

Tips On Whiteboard

We are providing in prior some tips on how to perform well on the whiteboard, so that you don’t have to get anxious on the day of writing the codes.

  • Think before you act on the whiteboard. It is easy to write but it is difficult to undo them. So have a clear thought of what to code rather than thinking and coding.
  • A clear thought is necessary as you may have to explain the code scripted once it is finished and then try to execute them with ease.   

Final Report

A detailed report will be generated by the professionals based on how you reacted even during a short session of the interview. For example, they will check out your reaction on giving a hint for a question! Time taken for each coding questions will also be noted by them and the final report will be created by the hiring committee, taking into account the marks secured in the previous reports.

Mock Exams

Mock tests are made available in Google’s website providing similar problems as in real interviews, but there is a frequent complaint popped up by the candidates is that the questions in these exams are too easy compared to that of real interview. This is a misunderstanding made by most of the aspirants while or after the mock session.

Get Out Of The Boxing Ring

We shall give you an insight on what all factors the Google hiring committee is taking into consideration before hiring you which is similar in other major tech companies too like Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. They put forward questions of extreme difficulty intentionally knowing that the candidates would have a hard time solving them, to evaluate how easily and quickly he/ she can solve the task assigned to the max.

So what are they expecting from your side? Firstly, come up with a feasible solution. Secondly, scripting down clean error free code and thirdly, achieve the former two feats within the given time frame. According to the hirers in Google, first point is achieved with not much difficulty, however the last two points is where most of the students fail to cross.

Most of the candidates during preparation commit a common mistakes by focussing on advanced topics more rather than basic questions. During the interview processes conducted by most of the top companies, they ask for basics to test your understanding on the concepts and how fast you can cope up with the problem. Set an alarm and start practising for coding interviews right now!  Tutoring from Live Project training in Thrissur can be helpful in the go.


Communication skill is required everywhere in the professional field because the result may vary based on how you communicate with the team. A constant communication needs to be maintained during the entire process. Here are some communication tips to be taken care of in the midst of the interview.

  • Majority of the candidates have a feel of getting nervous while many interviewers surround them throwing questions from different directions. Think like you are having a discussion with your colleague during a task done at the time of academics and speak confidently.
  • Speak out the best of your knowledge about the given topic of discussion and give priority for the code you deliver rather than being more cautious about what is spoken. Many candidates fail here because they does it in the opposite manner.
  • When you are stuck in the middle of a problem, feel free to tell the interviewers about the trouble. It is quite obvious and  tell them them frankly the fact that made you stopped. They will be happy to give hints to get out of the difficulty. Instead if you don’t admit the truth, a negative marks will be be awarded in communication session.


These tips awarded to you doesn’t mean that you can directly aim at them in the middle of the interview processes. Constant practice and hard work is required to achieve the feat. Academic project training in Thrissur can be highly helpful for the candidates looking for a way to improvise their skills on the subject. The knowledge from the academics is to be freshen up first, as the basic understanding is mostly taken into account along with some applications of it in the final selection process.  

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