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Hello job seekers!

Are you confused on choosing a career?

Admit it, most of us have been there on choosing the next step in building our career. Some of you may have found the right path without any difficulties and some are still waiting for the right call. If you are the latter, then this blog is specially for you.

trending it Courses

Choosing a career requires some degree of will, interest and passion to excel whatever the cause. This is something that you must build yourselves else, you will never reach anywhere.

To be simple, for a successful life and career, although academic qualifications are important, what’s more important is your knowledge and skills in the practical aspects of the career.

This can only be achieved by learning trending it Courses from reputed institutes that provide extensive training. There are many institutes that provide different types of training classes for various types of courses in Thrissur.

Why the need for training courses?

Think of them as additional qualifications which will aid in your career growth. Learning courses always makes you distinct from others and it shows your passion to land your career in the respective field.

Another reason for training courses is that, the technological sector is constantly evolving. With only the academic knowledge and performance, you may get the desired job but it won’t be easy as you think.

trending it Courses

As a rule of thumb, the only way to build a successful career and get a headstart is to opt for a trending course that has value in the current market and the future.

The Trending courses

Many institutes have began providing trending courses on different types of technologies, all these are currently the latest and most demanded technologies, which is the first reason they are providing training for these courses.

As mentioned earlier, the technologies are being replaced with newer, better and innovative ones. For eg, before the arrival of Compact Disk ( CD’s), video cassettes were the most widely used medium for video entertainment, however once cd’s were launched and became popular, video cassettes became outdated.

This is exactly what is happening in the Information & Technology sector, therefore, in order to stay updated in your current career field, it is utmost essential to learn the latest training courses.

Some Trending IT courses

trending it Courses

These are the following courses that we provide as part of our trending courses. All these courses are based on topics that are currently the most demanded and popular technologies in 2019.

Data Science

Learn the scientific methods, algorithms and processes to extract data from various sources in a disciplinary way. Data science is somewhat similar to data mining. It is one of the most demanded technologies today, so having extensive training in data science will definitely land you a successful place in the respective field.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking has been around for a long time, but still it is preferred and demanded all over the world. With the rising number of security threats by illegal hacking, the aid of ethical hackers allow companies to identify and eliminate the chances for threats by hacking.

Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the priced technologies in the world. AI is the future of technology, although AI has not become as advanced as seen in movies, various researches are going on and ground breaking discoveries are being implemented.

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, all those personal assistants on our phones, are all a small version of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, learning artificial intelligence course is a wise choice if your career is in this path.

Machine Learning

Another application of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. This involves designing and building machine models that are capable of learning from experience rather than programming them. Like AI, machine learning is also becoming popular.

Learning machine learning course in 2019 is definitely a wise choice if you are into designing and developing machine models.


The world’s largest biometric database, Aadhaar is powered by Hadoop technology.

Need to say more?

So learning and having sufficient experience in hadoop training will have a tremendous impact and growth in your career.

Internet of Things

An extension of the internet in order to facilitate effective connectivity in different devices. Since the internet is one of the important resources all over the world, those seeking a career in this field will have an advantage of this course.

Network Security

The world is facing with increased security threats, since everything is online, the rise of threats particularly cyberthreats, therefore having skilled IT security professional has become a priority and rising demand.

Therefore, opting for Network security course will be a great asset to your skill set if you plan to start your career in the field of cyber security.

Where to learn?

Just because you selected the right course does not ensure your career growth. It depends on the training provided by renowned training institute. There are many such institutes operating in Thrissur but the most preferred industrial training centre in Thrissur is AIT.

Why AIT?

AIT started with the main purpose to provide industrial training to students who are seeking for the best career growth. We provide training on technologies that are currently the latest, most demanded and competitive, so that when a student learns our courses, it gives them a strategic advantage for excelling in their career.

Apart from providing software courses, we also provide the best digital marketing training in Thrissur.

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