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Visual content is more effective than audio content as it can evoke the emotion of viewers. This enhanced the importance of graphic design and made it popular. From silly to serious things graphic design is involved in our daily life in one way or another. It is no more just a pleasure-providing factor. The world is considering it as a tool to convey information and to organize its process. As computer graphic design becomes widely attractive, the demand for professional graphic designers has also surged. Courses offered in ATEES are promising to make our candidates aware of the in-depth details of the graphic design and make them fit for an interview



For anyone who has a creative mindset with some basic graphic skills, graphic designing will be a dream career. Even if you are lacking the skill, don’t get nervous. We are here to help you out. With our expert staff, we can assure you an astonishing career in graphic designing. Abundant job opportunities and decent packages are offered by companies for the position of the graphic designer. Despite this, there are a lot of benefits that make this job a unique one. The most important one among them is that you will get complete freedom to express your idea. You have the license to use your complete creativity keeping your client’s requirements in mind. As the requirements of your clients vary for different projects, you will have to align accordingly. This will create an opportunity to get exposed to new tools and practice new skills. Apart from working for a company you can freelance your talent by building a strong network. Another positive side of a graphic designer is that he/she doesn’t need to do any kind of multitasking. Instead, they can focus more on expanding their skills. All you need to have to become a graphic designer is a creative mentality and our support.


We are offering various courses on graphic design where individuals are free to choose their options. Our GRAPHIC DESIGN PROFESSIONALS TRAINING program is designed for experienced and working professionals. This program is guided by highly experienced professionals. This program is designed to teach the designing process used in the industry. SEO FRIENDLY GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING program offered by us will concurrently handle graphic design and techniques required to make the website user-friendly. Several tips for developing SEO-friendly URL and URL functions will be told.

                       An INTRODUCTION TO GRAPHIC DESIGN program is organized by our institution. Through this, we are expecting universities, Colleges and other working professionals with limited knowledge to engage with us. An adequate level of knowledge about web design and graphic design will be delivered to our students. Apart from all of the above-mentioned ATEES is providing an ADVANCED GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING program. In this, we teach our candidate to be an expert in creating graphics for websites, print media, publishing and digital advertisements with pixel arts. Software like Adobe photoshop and coral draw will be introduced to make the design a better one.



If you are seriously looking for a career in graphic designing then don’t hesitate to join us. We offer various computer graphic design courses with different duration of 3 months and 6 months for your comfortability. Classes will be conducted on both weekdays and weekends. Along with the training, mock test and interview preparations will be done regularly. It’s not just a theoretical lecture. Appropriate lab sessions will be arranged for each batch to get a project-on-hand experience. Through our program, you will be getting deep knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Corel Draw, Typeit ISM. ATEES is providing a free internship of 9 months after the training as an option. Candidates who successfully complete the internship will be awarded an experience certificate of one year. As a well-established and reputed firm ATEES can ensure you a golden career in graphics design. Please feel free to contact us for more information.