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Hey techies

When was the last time you browsed a website and became fascinated by its specific features such as transitioning from one page to another or the animation that happens right after you click a button. You must have thought yourselves, “How these are implemented” or How beautiful it looks, right?

Well, the first thing you must know that all these visual aspects you see on a website are all coded by skilled front end web developers. It is because of the hard work of these guys that we are able to see and experience all that visually appealing designs on websites.

If you have creativity and an interest in coding, then you hfront end developerave the potential to become a front end developer. For that, you definitely need to get training in a certified course from a reputed institution. For the time being, just keep reading on what you should have in order to build a website.

A Small difference

Some of you may have thought that web designing is the same as front end development, but its not. Web design is the process where an idea is transformed into a beautiful design for the website, whereas a front end developer implements these particular web designs on the web through coding languages.

Requirements for coding the web design

Okay, so you have chosen to become a front end developer, which is a good thing. With the right set of tools and resources, building a website is interesting and of course, fun too. Although there are so many resources on the web which all offer a lot of different information, therefore referring one site after another is not something feasible for a long time.

So, here we explain the tools and its importance to you so that you can build a beautiful website. Without much ado, let’s get started, shall we?

The primary languages


Just like the primary colors, the primary coding languages for every website building are HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) & Javascript. Don’t even think about developing a website without using the three because you can’t. The codes that are generated using these languages run on the client web browser.

HTML defines the basic structure of every web page design on the internet. By marking up your raw data (what you type) with appropriate tags, you’re telling the web browser on how the contents should look and placed. Creating an HTML document is the first step of developing a web page.

A web page with only HTML looks static and very dull. Also, the contents are not formatted. This is where CSS comes. CSS is what makes the webpage/website unique. This is actually where the formatting is done, themes, colors, all that visual customizations are done.

By using HTML & CSS, your website will look great, but it still won’t be interactive and will remain static. Why?

There’s no Javascript. The one thing responsible for providing all those dynamic interactions, real time responses, and more. These are typically achieved through scripts which are added in the HTML code.

Therefore, learning javascript is definitely essential if you are into web development. Coding in javascript are made easier through Javascript frameworks eg. angular js, react js, etc.

In simple words, HTML represents the content of the webpage, CSS defines the presentation of the content and Javascript represented how user interacts with the web page.



What makes website and web application development faster and easier is with the help of libraries and web frameworks, mainly written in Javascript. However, if front end developer is your career then you must know about Jquery.

It is a JavaScript library consisting of various plugins and extensions which makes coding with JavaScript faster and easier. Since manually typing all the code from scratch, jQuery provides with ready-made elements which can be customized as per the requirements of the web page.

This greatly improves and speeds up the coding process. It is the most used javascript library in the field of web development.

Version control

This may seem strange, but you will thank for this feature once you are in the later stages of web page coding. We all know what version control is, isn’t that right?

It is a mechanism that keeps track of your changes to your project so that in the event of your existing version getting screwed up, you can just reload a previous version that was working fine. It is important that you know about Git.

Learn at AIT

With the wide availability of various online resources featuring a plethora of information, it is not easy to refer one and go on with it, therefore if you are a fresher, it is recommended to opt for a training institute that has plenty of experience providing training for trending it courses.

Luckily AIT provides excellent training for software and it courses. Being one of the best training institutions that offers web development course in Thrissur, our training procedures has resulted in our students getting job opportunities at various reputed organisations.

Our professional and qualified team of faculties always makes sure that you get the best possible training, both theory and practical. Another benefit of learning at AIT is that you get the chance to work with us through internships which we offer after the completion of the course successfully.

So, lads and ladies, what are you waiting for? Come to AIT, learn about the different web technologies and become a front end developer.

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