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Data science

As per the sixth edition report of DOMO, it is estimated that around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created per day. If you think this is so much, just be aware that this number will increase in the future. What is all this data? Where do they come from, have you ever wondered? Governments, […] Read more...

front end developer

Hey techies When was the last time you browsed a website and became fascinated by its specific features such as transitioning from one page to another or the animation that happens right after you click a button. You must have thought yourselves, “How these are implemented” or How beautiful it looks, right? Well, the first […] Read more...

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ethical hacking course in thrissur

When scrolling through the pages of newspaper you might have come across the name Julian Assange, the director of an international organization named WikiLeaks, which publishes news leaks. He is one of the top hackers in the world. Here in India also we have a list of renowned ethical hackers like Ankit Fadia who has […] Read more...

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android developer course

Ever dreamed of mastering several fields at one go? You may have but time is not always generous to us in our lives. Even if you did take the initiative to pursue your dream, you would have to sit for a long period just to become the best at one of those fields. You may […] Read more...

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Hello job seekers! Are you confused on choosing a career? Admit it, most of us have been there on choosing the next step in building our career. Some of you may have found the right path without any difficulties and some are still waiting for the right call. If you are the latter, then this […] Read more...

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best project ideas for computer science students

Do you find computer science a little hard? You may have tons of information about the field but all that information is just crammed up in that little headspace of yours. In fact, there is so much to explore in the field of computer science that can be really interesting, if you’re in the right […] Read more...

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Computer Course In Thrissur

Struggling to find a real job after graduation? Most of us dream of starting a career immediately. But instead we find ourselves jobless, stressed out, frustrated sending resumes to every job vacancies we come across, and then panic starts to creep in for not being able to land a job. It can be truly disheartening […] Read more...

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Advertising Design Course

Marketing materials are always essential for a business to share a desired message about their products and services. This is how they get connected with their prospective customers.This make them in need for a creative professional with visual communication skills. <>Advertising Design Course Are you interested in creating advertisement design for print media or internet? […] Read more...

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Python training in Thrissur

Are you an up and coming engineer looking to make it big in the market? Then you must already know that proficiency in at least one programming language is essential. Not sure if you’ve checked that off the list? Well, we have the solution – ATEES Industrial Training Python training in Thrissur ATEES Industrial Training […] Read more...

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