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Appearance of the websites have evolved in past few years. Earlier there were only single layout for web pages. But now to attract the audience who go through these websites designers have opted for animation features that will not only attract the web browser’s attention but also make it easy for them to navigate through the page.

Animation techniques for web designing

There are some animation techniques that you can apply to your web page to make it more attractive and accessible. Some of the techniques suggested by the web designers qualified with the web designing training course in Thrissur. They are as follows:



One of the most used animation techniques are navigation technique where the user is directed to the web page with just one click on the icon. Advantage of this technique is that the screen space is saved. Apart from this advantage there are lot of benefits of navigation technique they are:

  • Make your website organised
  • Gives a professional touch to your website
  • Helps in category wise division of your webpage
  • Easy for the user to find content from the webpage
  • Speed up the user search
  • Easy accessibility of the website

In addition to these benefits,navigation also makes the user want to view your website and review your company and its products and services. If you are not able to do it alone consult professionals who are qualified with thebest web development course in Thrissur.

Hover animation

A website has to find a optimum away to give feedback to the viewers. This is where the role of hover animation is crucial. The hover animation also improves the experience of the user by making his browser navigation better. But a major disadvantage of hover animation is that it doesn’t work in the mobile phones. For mobile phones you can use elevation animation that can create similar effect on the mobile like that of the hover animation in a computer.


Many times we have come across the problem of loading a page. It is really frustrating and time consuming. Especially for professionals who have a deadline to complete their work in day or two loading problem of the webpage can cost them major. To overcome this issue web designer can use progression animation wherein you distract the user and don’t let them know the actual loading speed.

Attracting user’s attention

When you are thinking of adding motion to your website, you obviously want to attract the users. Then why not use this for your advantage. To attract the user and gives them an opportunity to perform desired action. These can be used in many parts of the designing like:

  • Forms
  • CTA (call to action)
  • Menus
  • Feedback

Skeleton screens

Skeleton screens are used to by user to interact with your site. Basically they are empty pages where the information is added gradually but with immediate effect. To get better results try using the animation along with information that is being loaded. The main purpose of the animations is to gain user’s attraction to your site. So make sure you use sufficient animations.

Smooth transition

Your web page/site should be having smooth transition without any hard cuts. Usually certain changes in the interface include hard cuts which can cause difficulties for the user. Animation technique can be added to rectify this problem. This way users can go to different pages without disturbing the main page.

Visual Feedback

Visual feedback is essential for the customers to be able to get response according to the website’s performance and their action. And visual effects is the best way to show it. Sometimes it’s very confusing for the user to know whether there is any use of the site they are browsing and this can lead to the user switching to another website. To avoid such situation create interactions that are easy to understand and use. The uses of the visual feedback include:


  • For link states
  • Button states
  • To form elements
  • Helpful error message

Creative effects

The main goal of your presentation is to attract the viewers and also able to design unique position. Creative visual effects allows the user to add special features that will
make his website stand out. This will in turn make viewers excited each time they visit your website.If you want the viewers to be hooked to your site make sure to add some creative effects to your webpage.

Slideshows and galleries

Many websites are opting for slideshows to boost their sites. They have lots of images in them which does not interfere with the user experience. It is a fun way of having images on your site which makes the user to either go through the images or searching for other content. Make sure you include only needed images and the speed of image cycle. Especially the speed because slower the speed,unpleasantry the user’s experience.



Scrolling is the most important tool in animation which makes the user’s experience better and visually attractive. This also determines whether the user continue his scrolling of your website. Adding animations will definitely make your website more enjoyable and engaging. When the contents are broken and placed in slides and a few animations are added in between then your interactions with the user more interesting.

Why animation is essential to web designing

Animation has been widely used in web designing these days. All the companies use animation in their websites to boost their productivity and to compete with the other players in the market. There are various advantages of animation in web designing. They are :

  • Helps in gaining attraction to your website
    Animation helps in gaining maximum audience attraction.
  • It acts a guide for you
    It helps you to move forward if you get stuck in middle of the browsing.
  • Keeps visitors glued to the website more
    More and more visitors are hooked to the website if its attractive
  • Increases user interactions with your website
    It encourages user to website interaction
  • Tries to create an emotional connection with the viewers
    Emotional connection is established between the website and viewers if the website is exceptional.
  • Improves overall experience of the viewers.
    At the end of the day, if the website has cool and fun animation it is guaranteed that your website designing in perfect.

Apart from these advantages, make sure to use the animation according to the website demand.For example if the web page demands more animation you can add more of them. At the same time if they demand less then don’t make you website cluttered with so many animations. Because if the user feels that your website is cluttered then he/she will switch to other websites.

Hence animation in websites is very important as they give users the encouragement to go through the websites. But make sure that you use sufficient animation technique to make users hook to your webpage. For example people who want to train from the best web designing course training in Thrissurwill have to browse different websites to choose the best and if a website gives the institute’s details using such animation technique then it is good for the institution.

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